Monday, September 18, 2006

Bhaa Bhaa Bhaam Vol. 2


Shoes and purses are done!

Blue Cross - I still have to print off and re-check off that daft section again. And re-fax it. Yippee. However, my actual print file seems to be unavailable. Hmmm.

Having worked in a dental office for years, I do believe that this is cover-my-ass speak for some dip lost the file. Nice.

This place looks surprisingly the same. I would have to say I feel pretty cheated right about now.

Bhaa Bhaa Bhaaam

So things are very messy in married-land right now. As soon as I finish this little post my exciting jobs for the day are to:

1)Call Blue Cross (health insurance) and figure out why there are problems with my application. After calling them back, I discovered that apparently part of the form didn't get faxed. It was the check yes or no, have you ever had ________ part of the form. I asked why I couldnt just fill it in over the phone (which apparently was Very Much Not Done), I discovered that the person who I was talking with didn't have my file. I asked if they had recieved my medical history yet. She also didn't know. Then the girl decided that I probably should talk to the person who actually had my file. Sounds good, yes? Except that that person was also on the phone and was supposed to call me back, and hasn't yet.

2) Clean house. More specifically this means:

a) Unpack shoes and put them away.
b) Put away clothes. Put dirty clothes in hamper/dirty clothes pile.
c) Put away bags/purses. Somewhere.
d) Start emptying the bookcase that Prince Charming is going to use for his research/school books.
e) Organize the Bathroom. Sounds small, is actually terrible due to the exceedingly large amount of bath-stuff I presently own.

3) Take something out for dinner for when Charming comes home. Goodness only knows what that should/could be.

4) Work on my knitting. I've started working on an exciting new project that is working out shockingly well so far. I just have to adjust a pattern or two, and it will be perfect.

Well, maybe. In other knitting news, I'm still progressing on my Afghan formerly known as a Scarf, and thinking about getting back to work on my baby blanket. Once things get tidied up a bit, knitting will go faster. Along with everything else I suppose too.

So, this is my life right now, along with just hanging out with Charming and enjoying being married. Its nice having someone to come home to. Charming is gone today, at school, so I've been pretty lazy so far.

Pajamas? Check. No shower? Check. Breakfast of cookies? Check. Lunch of leftovers? Check.

Did I mention that I made cookies? I made chocolate chip cookies that are super great. And tea buscuits that also turned out. Charming made tea buscuits yesterday that turned out... not bad, but I've had better. He asked me if I could taste anything different and... I wasn't sure. There was something, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then he told me he used my vanilla soy milk instead of milk. Bleah. For your information, vanilla soy milk leaves tea buscuits rather dense and tasting like soy. Now you know, and you don't have to experiment. It is ok in a pinch, but I don't really recommend it. Which is somewhat funny, because I drink vanilla soy milk. It's ok. I think I like it, it is a good milk substitute, and it is great with cookies. If I could drink milk without all the fun that being lactose intolerant involves, I wouldn't go near it. I honestly think that people who drink soy because "it's good for you" or "they just like it" are actually crazy. Crazy. There are a very few types of soy milk that actually taste good. Soy itself is gross. It is not good. I just can't stress that little point enough. It does not have the natural sweetness that milk does, and requires much sugar to be palatable. Loads of sugar. Truckloads of sugar. Aircraft carriers full of sugar.

Mmmm. Sugar....

Monday, September 04, 2006

That's Right, You Heard Me

The fighter jets were particularly busy today.

That's right, you heard me. Fighter jets. There are fighter jets flying over Toronto pretty steadily during the day, since Friday or Thursday.

The first time I mentioned them, Prince Charming looked at me and thought that I mis-said jumbo jets (which totally sound different, I think). He didn't quite believe me that there were fighter jets,* until we saw some flying overhead. However, when I was in Greece, the fighter jets used to fly overhead every so often on their way to heaven only knows (but probably Cyprus or the Greek-Turkish border**) and so you get to recognize the sound as they fly past.

In other news, Prince Charming, while waiting for the rest of our stuff to show up, have begun to play a computer game. It is very old and called "Under a Steel Sky". We are at about 1/3 through. I kindof like it. It is slowed down (so I can play) and involves funny dialouge and much pointing and clicking.

*Prince Charming would like to say that he had thought that that it was fighter jets first, and thought that I was thinking that they were only jumbo jets.

** Prince Charming says that they were probably just on a routine patrol, but I didn't think that they liked Turkey very much over there, because I saw this poster one time and it did a great job of making Turkey look like a not-nice place to go, and I also have a very fuzzy grasp of Cyprus' history.