Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Interesting Things Happening Lately

1) Had my first wedding shower yesterday. It was amazing and fantastic. Knitter and Prince Charming's mother and other sister-in-law put it all together and I was absolutely blown away. It was a co-ed shower, and had people from Mama Bear's side of the family, my dad's side of the family, Prince Charming's mum's side of the family and lots of friends.

It had an aquatic theme. They put blue fabric on the ceiling and hung little strings of fish from that. There were fish-shaped cakes and cookies. There was tasty punch, two-bite brownies, rice crispy squares, 7-layer dip, and so much more food that I'm not sure I even got to try it all.

The ice breaker was a modified form of Guess Who, where you had to figure out who the name was on your back, and then find your match. Knitter made me Prince Charming, and I had to find Cinderella.

Everyone got divided into groups and decorated a pair of flipflops. We had rhinestones, beach glass, seed beads, charms, shells, and glitter glue to use to make the most "fabulous" flipflops ever.

While that was winding down, there was a fishing game in the jacuzzi tub in the basement. It had fishing poles with magnets for hooks and magnetic fish floating around. If you got the right numbered fish, you got a prize. That game was surprisingly fun for all. Everyone wanted another turn at that one.

There was a trivia quiz that was fun and shockingly tricky. Not everyone knows that it is Prince Charming that owns the most expensive pair of shoes out of the two of us! Ha! Not me!

Then we did the opening presents thing. Prince Charming tells me that by that point in time, everything was a big blur for him. He told me that he thought that it was rude to have someone writing down the list of presents and who gave them. I just looked at him, and told him: a) everyone expects it, b) no one thinks its rude, and c) how else are we supposed to remember anything?

He sighed, nodded, and said he understood, but everything was still feeling strange.

Then we went back to having super large amounts of fun. Sometimes it doesn't pay to think too much. Just smile, laugh and be happy.

2) I started Sewing II. It's a weekly sewing class that I've been doing with Prince Charming's mum, Coffee. We did Sewing I earlier this year. However, this class kindof jumped up on us both, and so we ended up spending today finishing our projects from the last session that we'd almost finished. This is my old project (#4256 in a red twill, view C). My new project looks like this (#5047 in a very nice pale green drape-y polyester). I'm excited about doing both. They should be super nice when I'm done.

3) First batch of invites have been sent. Yay! Progress!!!

There are more. Aiee. Well. Unlike other weddings. When you get your invite does not really mean that you are higher or lower on the desired list. It means that your address was easier or harder to get.

4) Wedding personnel have been mostly decided on. These are ushers, stage managers, pockets, etc. Some have even been asked.

5) Wedding prep has been started and is in the process. It is progress. Very exciting.

6) Editing my template has occurred. I'm beginning to feel like my blog feels like home now. Unfortuntely, two things are not quite what they should be. The first is that I have no idea how comments are not working yet. Or how to get them to work. The second is that I just realized that the word "tonite" is used in my little picture. Now I need a new picture. Maybe if I don't really look at that picture, I will forget and it will stop bothering me. We'll have to see. Unfortunately, leaving out the 'gh' and adding an 'e' in words like tonight and bright is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Who will win? Will the pet peeve win? Or will lazyiness rule the day?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Just finished adding all of the addresses that Prince Charming and I have into our pages of addy labels.


That was quite a bit of typing.

Something New

1. I realized a while ago that unless you are somehow related to me by blood, I haven't seen you in forever. Or really talked to you. I have no idea where Stiletto is, what Ardbeg is up to. I'm guessing that Never Rye and Whistle Twice were probably watching the hockey game tonight.

I actually talked to Samurai a very long while ago. It was so strange, because I had absolutely no idea who he was. I think I worried him. It was the same day that I'd heard that Panda's dad had died, so that might have had something to do with it. Maybe, or maybe not. It wasn't until he told me he'd given my sister the clap* that I realized who he was. Best guess - he's at his girlfriend's house. In all truth though, I have no idea where he is.

2. Finally picked a china pattern. That's right. I now have a china pattern. It was by far the most difficult thing Prince Charming and I have ever worked out together. Reading this, you may think that Prince Charming and I live in some candy-coated cherry blossom land. We do not. We just have supremely different tastes and styles.

Plus Prince Charming doesn't like much when it comes to stuff you buy in a store that doesn't come from Mark's Work Wearhouse, or have to do with camping.

I liked this, and this and this. He didn't.

*Samurai has actually never given any sister of mine the clap or anyone else for that matter. He is, however, very prone to vanishing off of the face of the earth, especially during finals. After getting extremely curious about seeing if he was actually still alive, I called his house and left a long and hysterical message telling him that the wedding was off because I couldn't possibly marry him after he gave my sister the clap.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wedding Shoes!

I am now the proud owner of wedding shoes. This is what they look like, except that mine have an ankle strap, which is what the jewelry drops off of, and are definitely not so tall. They are stunningly pretty and actually comfortable. Yay Beverly Feldman! YAY me! And Yay Teddy for her super fantastic gift!

Teddy had called me out of the blue and told me that she wanted to buy me shoes for my wedding present. Not just any shoes though, she wanted me to have Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's.

I almost cried. She wanted me to have the coolest and best thing in the world for my wedding day. I'm moving soon to a much bigger city, and she wanted me to have very good shoes to wear for when I was there. It is so sweet. She's very fashionable and worries that people will see the scrubbies I wear and think that no one loves me.

We didn't end up going with either of those two brands because I couldn't find anywhere in Edmonton that sold them in person. It's all internet sales here. However, after scouring every shoe store in edmonton, nieman marcus online, zappos.com and many other designers' websites, I decided on the Feldmans.

I love these shoes. I've shown them to everyone I could. They are now known as the Very Expensive Shoes. As in: " Hey An, have you shown everyone in the free world your Very Expensive Shoes yet?"

Not yet, but I'm working on it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Poplar Fuzz Attack

Today has been my first day home in quite a while. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon.

My allergies have come into force as the poplar fuzz is floating around outside, and looks a bit like snow. Otherwise, it is so beautiful outside it's shocking.

Knitting is going well on my scarf/shawl/afghan thing. I have a sort of a pattern going. The pattern is very simple. Instead of knit one row, purl one, knit one, purl one for all of my scarf, I'm throwing in sections where there is only knitting. It looks pretty good.

The air is very warm here, and so I feel a little ridiculous knitting something so very large.

A Funny Mama Bear Story

Mama Bear is doing well in this weather. She has fibromyalgia, and so right now, she's actually comfortable. All other times of the year she's complaining about how cold it is. Now she's finally happy. And cheerful. If you thought she was cheerful before, she's beyond cheerful now. (Well, except when she's desperately worried about Panda)

I spent some more time at Mama Bear's house this week. When she was getting into the car so we could do some wedding shoe shopping, I heard this strange noise. It sounded something like what a small girl would say when she got an extra large and sparkly birthday present. "Hoo-haah!"

I gave her a look. It was the "yes, crazy?" look.

"It's what marines say."

"Mama Bear, I truly think that if any marine ever made a noise like that, their marine friends would either laugh themselves silly or beat them up for being wussy babies. Just saying. "

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I'm at my mother's house right now, but that will change soon enough. This last week has been very strange. Panda's father passed away (he had cancer) and Teddy is home for the weekend. Wedding stuff still needs doing, but now there is so much more to do. It is getting done, but it is painful. Prince Charming has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and proven that he deserves his name.

I haven't seen Teddy in so long, it has been so nice to just hang out with her. We have grown up enough, and lived long enough, that we can now be together without fighting. It is a very nice change. Mama Bear is in Mama Bear-overdrive. We are all very lucky.

The air smells so sweetly out here. The frogs still chirrup in stereo at night, the breezes are cool, and smell of green growing things. The forest just outside of my mother's house is still my favourite place in the world. Even with everything going on, it is so nice to come home for a bit.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Construction Notice

As you may have noticed, this blog is undergoing some cosmetic reconstruction. While this is occuring, if you want to get ahold of me please feel free to email me at:

serasonho AT gmail DOT com

Things should settle down soon as the template figures itself out. Cheers!

Human Snot Factory Returns

Just so anyone who might read this will know, I am not dead. I am still alive.

I've turned into a human snot-production facility as my allergies decide to kick in. This kicked into high-gear on Friday, as I proceded to drug myself into a near-oblivion with Benadryl. It was the first time that I've had that reaction with Benadryl, but I won't ever use it again.

Prince Charming told me that I was slurring. I could barely keep my eyes open and focused on wedding registry stuff. I've never had such a reaction before with those drugs.

Not as exciting as the new adventures in post-post secondary life as you might have thought. I also learned to knit. Yup. I finished my finals, and promptly learned to knit. I'm liking the knitting. It uses slightly different muscles than crocheting and the basic knit stitch is a much simpler action than my usual crochet stitches. I think I'll probably end up switching back and forth once I get used to knitting.

I am so exciting I shock myself. Later this week I'll perform gravity-defying stunts involving bicycles and toilet paper.

Monday, May 01, 2006

JobHunt '06 begins

So, the job hunt begins in earnest, as the thousands of university students that have either finished school for the summer, or have graduated entirely leave the campus in search of the real world.

It is very exciting. If by exciting you mean frustrating and disappointing. I also miss my car.

In other news, I have graduated. The marks for the class that I was worried about came in. I got a B. Now, you may think that I was indulging in some over-achiever angst. I assure you, this was definitely not the case. This class was definitely one where what I thought the the Prof wanted was actually nothing like what the prof wanted. Ever.

But I don't care anymore. Heee!