Friday, March 31, 2006

Utter Excitement

My house has a very large yard, which for the most part, tends to be rather quiet.

So quiet, in fact, that bunnies like to live there.

They've lived there throughout the summer, and through most of the winter. However, I'd stopped seeing them after about November. There was a big fat bunny that especially liked a small nook in a raised flowerbed in the backyard.

Today, to my utter excitement, the bunny was back. He (or she) is beginning to turn brown again and is still happy and fat.

I'll have to remember to leave some carrots out for him. His fatness is probably just his fur fluffed out for warmth.


The night before last I dreamt that I was in a grocery store, and someone was offering me a red chili pepper. I just looked at it and thought how lovely it would be to eat it.

Earlier that night I had eaten two spicier than the Olive Garden's peppercinis. They were delicious. There was a bit of a burn, and the flavour was magnificent. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed eating something so much.

Yesterday I cut up big chunks of raw onion to put on my perogys.

Before that I was adding hot sauce to my rice.

It appears that I'm craving spicy hot things.

Am I going crazy?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Someone Else's Contest

So Tyler f. is having a contest, in hopes of reaching 40,000 visitors on his 40th birthday.

Go look at his website. My favourite post (so far) is the one about hebrew tattoos.

I find this especially funny because Stiletto once told me a story about how this guy was showing her his tattoo, which was supposed to say Canada in Chinese. She saw it, and realized that it was incorrect because it was only the first character.

She replied after he tried to argue with her that it was correct, "I spent a year in China, and on every letter I wrote home, I had to write the characters for Canada so that letter would actually get home. You are missing a character."

The Importance of Spring

soft winds have begun,
the snow will soon be melted.
green awakening.

snow! begin to melt,
the green scented winds have come
and soon he'll be here.

A New Week Has Begun

I had all sorts of ideas for my next blog, but of course, by the time that I get to the computer to start typing, I've forgotten.

So I'll start in the middle and work outward. And I'll do it as a list. Because lists are where it's at.

I can't believe I just wrote that. Whenever I read phrases like that, I tend to usually do the following:

1) roll my eyes
2) and wonder
a) where what's at?
b) who really talks like that? and
c) why usually whoever says that seems to be selling something.
3) decide that the only possible recourse is to ignore that phrase and move on.

On to the main list.

My Main List

Things Learned Over The Weekend

1) Cleaning is dull. Deadly dull. Which is why I do it as little as possible. But the inevitability of no clean underwear eventually does hit, and I used my time alone to begin to rectify this. (Knitter and Gamer are gone for a visit to the coast, and so my access to the laundry is unlimited and guilt about leaving crap in common areas is nonexistant. Yay!)

2) Waking up to Hakuna Matata is disorienting. Even after 5 days. Knitter left her alarm clock on, and so I'm waking up to disney music. Which is not bad, just extremly odd. First thing in the morning, I get to wake up to music, and it is familliar enough that I'll recognize it, but it is not familliar enough that recognition is easy. When you're still sleeping, so it forces me to become awake enough that I can figure out how I know what's playing.

3) The Sugarbowl has amazing coffee. It's just fabulous. And mindboggling at just how good it is. It's not just myself that thinks so, I went with another coffee-snob friend, Rides on Elephants (who will henceforth be known simply as Elephant, due to the long and unwieldy nature of the long form of her name) and she agrees. We will return.

4) New favorite place to go out for a drink. The Strathern (sp?) at first glance looked a little... like a dive. As the night wore on, I realized two things:
a) Cheap beer gets better after a while.
b) The Strat (Strath?) is extremely low on the pretentious asshole scale. People came, people drank their beer, and left. Elephant said that the place reminded her of the small bars she would go to when she was in australia, and it sort of reminded me of small-town bars (of which I've been to 3) There was a jukebox, but it was quiet enough that I had no trouble talking to Elephant.
c) It's nice to have a quiet place to go out for a night. The people there were all after the same thing, more or less. It was a very relaxing night.

Plans for the Future

1) Run a contest. More details to follow.
2) Update links.
3) Become a philosopher. I was reading Xenocide by Orson Scott Card (a very good book in a very good series) in the tub, and I realized that there is so much I don't know about how and why and when, and wish that I did.
4) Find an apartment in Toronto that:
a) doesn't cost the earth
b) isn't in a super scary part of town
It would be nice if it was close to the U of T.
5) Finish my sewing project.
6) Finish cleaning.
7) More studying. gah.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last Night, Watching the News

the weather girl on the news,
is explaining to me how the wind blows
and all i can think is,
"you and i are so far apart,
the wind that touches you will never touch me."

Wow, or Public Service Announcement II

Everyone needs to go out and listen to Holly McNarland's version of Phil Collins' In the Air tonight.


She takes a mediocre song and gives it teeth.

I also have to thank Stiletto for letting me listen to her walkman so I could hear this song.

Thanks Stiletto! Not only do you always wear sexy shoes (even perhaps when you shouldn't because of inclement weather), but you also are an clever and marvelous pirate.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Happy!

Finished my last midterm, and it went well, I think.

There was one question that I wasn't quite sure what the prof was asking for, but I guessed and either I did well on the question, or I bombed it. However, that is the past. And I kicked ass on the other questions. Which means that fortunately, a whole bunch of the questions were on the readings. I'm much better at reading books than sitting in class, listening to lists of programs, names and dates.

This style of class has led me to realize yet again that I'm definitely a visual learner. Or something. Just listening to lectures is almost painful. It hurts. It is also freakishly boring. The subject matter could be wildly fascinating, but style of presentation really does count. I am a diagram kind of girl. Pictures make me happy. I like to think that that is how I get to write super-fun papers on graphic novels.

I will admit, I adore Powerpoint presentations, especially when the notes get posted before class. The psych department is pretty good about allowing and facilitating webnotes on their website; whereas the sociology department is rather... terrible. I'm sure that it has something to do with their budget and its ever-present cuts, but I will admit that: a) I'm spoiled and b) I like it that way.

A Note On Something Completely Different:

I've found a new lab which I like. There is some sort of a statistics/economics lab going on right now, and the TA is hilarious. My favourite is when he gets all sarcastic when talking to his students, and then calls out "SILENCE!" Fortunately he doesn't care about visitors coming in, as long as you're quiet. Which I am, because really, who am I going to talk to in an economics lab?

I had to stop going to the business lab, as fun as those computers were, with their double screens and fast connections. I totally blame business students for never shutting up. I know that they do a lot of group work, but I kept ending up near the same hyper-annoying girls. Who kept talking. About their friends. Behind their backs. It was like being in jr. high again. Save me from those trendy bitches. They were more than I could take.

No really, I'm being serious. I can only handle so much yoga-wear and perfect hair.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Teeny-tiny Update

Umm, so my coffee, which I previously said was full of sugary sweetness that made up for the funky bitterness?

Currently, not so much. In fact, not at all. The sweetness barely covers the bitterness, and amplifies the horribleness, and now that it is cold, the approval rating sank like your battleship.

Rays of Sunshine

Even though I have one midterm left (rated: very hard), and I have my sewing class tonight, and still have much wedding planning left to do, several things have come up that are very cheering.

1) I ran into a professor from last semester that still has a paper of mine. Through a long comedy of errors, I still hadn't gotten back my final paper. We got to chatting, and he told me that my papers were some of the most interesting that he'd gotten from the class. YAY! He also said that they were really interesting, and were pretty good. DOUBLE YAY!

The best part of this is that it was a 400-level class and I had basically no background in the theories of that subject. TRIPLE YAY!

2) I wrote a midterm today and I think it went well. This is good because in this class, I tend to get bored. The prof is really interesting, but it's a 200-level (which is still introductory level instruction on the subject) and I've also taken 300-levels on the subjects that we touch on in class.

3) The coffee I'm drinking right now is really rank, but there is a crazy amount of sugar and real cream in it, so it is elevated to not bad, with a super fun caffiene buzz.

4) Someone left a comment. I know that I shouldn't be so affected by such small things, but it is my second comment, and the first from someone I don't see on a semi-regular basis. I'm pretty psyched.

5) Buffy + Spike. What will happen next with those two? All this growing tension and chemistry is beginning to get to me.

Don't tell me, I'm still watching the sixth season. After these tests, I'm totally finishing the season off and getting into season seven. I'm totally serious. DO NOT TELL ME. I do remember that something really bad happens; and I remember huge controversy but I'm not quite sure what.

Both Stiletto and Prince Charming think I've been whatching too much Buffy lately. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps. Or maybe they're just jealous. In my defence, I need something to do besides plan wedding things and worry about where we're going to live after we're married.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Darkest Magic

Last year some time before my birthday, Prince Charming picked up on the fact that I am mad for dark chocolate.

The darker, the better.

I love the rich full bittersweet taste of a rich dark chocolate. Not for me the mild and mellow of the medium chocolate. White chocolate has its place, as a garnish, or as an accent.

This knowledge spread to Santa, and so in my stocking there were quite a few pieces of dark chocolate hidden in there.

Among them was a bar of Botticelli's Double Dark. I've never heard of this brand before, but that does not mean anything right at this moment. Hovever, I've just finished eating it. It was wonderful. Beautiful. Luscious. It was not bitter at all, but simply the right amount of rich with a hint of sweetness. Whoever AlpineConfections Inc. is, from Delta British Columbia, they have an excellent product.

I totally give this amazing chocolate bar my endorsement. Whatever that is worth.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Public Service Announcement

This is my good deed for the day.

Do not, for any amount of money, go see Ultraviolet.

It is a terrible movie. I cannot for the life of me, remember seeing such a terrible movie in the theatre before. I think that the last movie I saw that was that bad was Rollerball. Even then, I still think Ultraviolet is the worse movie.

If you desperately feel the need to see this movie, rent it at home and then fast-forward through the talking parts.

I have never before been in a movie where people walked out with only 15 minutes left. I could hear people in the rest of the audience saying things like "this stinks" and "this movie sucks."

It was so disappointing. I do like action movies, and I could see how Ultraviolet was trying to umm, emulate their sucess. I liked all three Blade movies, and also liked the Kill Bills. I haven't yet seen Aeon Flux, the movie, but I did see some of the shorts. However, as much as I appreciated the comments on the potential future, I could not get over everything else that was terrible with the movie. I'm a huge fan of futuristic fiction, and I love seeing different views of how the current trend of globalization could end up, but this was... unfortunate.

The CGI was well done, and I know Glen Fiddich liked what they did with her face, but I hated it. The wierd filtering they did on it made it difficult for her to show any emotion at all. Which could be the reason for the terribly overdone acting poor Milla did.

Anyway, bottom line? Save the hour and a half of your life that you will never, ever get back if you watch this movie.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

If only I could give up school for Lent...

Well, I'm back in the thick of things after a delightful time following Prince Charming around like a lost puppy.

That's right. My Valentine's Day present was that Prince Charming got to come home for Reading week. Which meant that Reading Week got busy.

Prince Charming and I:

1) Celebrated our anniversary by going to West Ed Mall to look at the sea turtles (he loves sea turtles so much) It was a perfect surprise, since he had no idea that there were sea turtles in here in our land-locked prairie city. Then we got all dressed up and went for dinner. Also fabulous. Sadly, the next leg of our party did not work out so well. I'd planned for us to go for salsa dancing lessons. What I did not plan was for me to misunderstand the paper and show up for the lesson part of the dancing. Instead, we watched The Corpse Bride. Still very nice.

This is the first time I've ever planned any big event for us as a couple. Prince Charming is super huge on surprises and he is the one who tends to do stuff like this. On the whole, I think it went rather well. It could have been somewhat better, but it was a very good night.

2) Picked out wedding rings. We both will have them, and they aren't matchy-matchy, but are in similar metals (white gold). His is done and paid for, but mine is just now ready to be cast. Mine is a custom jobby because my engagement ring style is not too common, the band just needed to be domed on top a bit. It's not going to be fancy or anything, but it will be very lovely when it is done.

3) Watched him do homework. Well, sort of. Sometimes I also used that very important time to sleep.

4) Did some work figuring out wedding-night hotel plans. Which are now done. By the way. Thanks Knitter!

5) Bought a crap-load of yarn. New projects!!! Very exciting.

6) Took a hiatus from Buffy.

7) Um, and lots of other random and boring things that were made wonderful and fabulous because Prince Charming was holding my hand.

So that is the sappy story of my Reading Week.

Now it is back to school and homework and all that stuff that I can't see being allowed (or getting any sort of credit for) giving up for Lent.