Thursday, March 09, 2006

If only I could give up school for Lent...

Well, I'm back in the thick of things after a delightful time following Prince Charming around like a lost puppy.

That's right. My Valentine's Day present was that Prince Charming got to come home for Reading week. Which meant that Reading Week got busy.

Prince Charming and I:

1) Celebrated our anniversary by going to West Ed Mall to look at the sea turtles (he loves sea turtles so much) It was a perfect surprise, since he had no idea that there were sea turtles in here in our land-locked prairie city. Then we got all dressed up and went for dinner. Also fabulous. Sadly, the next leg of our party did not work out so well. I'd planned for us to go for salsa dancing lessons. What I did not plan was for me to misunderstand the paper and show up for the lesson part of the dancing. Instead, we watched The Corpse Bride. Still very nice.

This is the first time I've ever planned any big event for us as a couple. Prince Charming is super huge on surprises and he is the one who tends to do stuff like this. On the whole, I think it went rather well. It could have been somewhat better, but it was a very good night.

2) Picked out wedding rings. We both will have them, and they aren't matchy-matchy, but are in similar metals (white gold). His is done and paid for, but mine is just now ready to be cast. Mine is a custom jobby because my engagement ring style is not too common, the band just needed to be domed on top a bit. It's not going to be fancy or anything, but it will be very lovely when it is done.

3) Watched him do homework. Well, sort of. Sometimes I also used that very important time to sleep.

4) Did some work figuring out wedding-night hotel plans. Which are now done. By the way. Thanks Knitter!

5) Bought a crap-load of yarn. New projects!!! Very exciting.

6) Took a hiatus from Buffy.

7) Um, and lots of other random and boring things that were made wonderful and fabulous because Prince Charming was holding my hand.

So that is the sappy story of my Reading Week.

Now it is back to school and homework and all that stuff that I can't see being allowed (or getting any sort of credit for) giving up for Lent.

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