Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A New Week Has Begun

I had all sorts of ideas for my next blog, but of course, by the time that I get to the computer to start typing, I've forgotten.

So I'll start in the middle and work outward. And I'll do it as a list. Because lists are where it's at.

I can't believe I just wrote that. Whenever I read phrases like that, I tend to usually do the following:

1) roll my eyes
2) and wonder
a) where what's at?
b) who really talks like that? and
c) why usually whoever says that seems to be selling something.
3) decide that the only possible recourse is to ignore that phrase and move on.

On to the main list.

My Main List

Things Learned Over The Weekend

1) Cleaning is dull. Deadly dull. Which is why I do it as little as possible. But the inevitability of no clean underwear eventually does hit, and I used my time alone to begin to rectify this. (Knitter and Gamer are gone for a visit to the coast, and so my access to the laundry is unlimited and guilt about leaving crap in common areas is nonexistant. Yay!)

2) Waking up to Hakuna Matata is disorienting. Even after 5 days. Knitter left her alarm clock on, and so I'm waking up to disney music. Which is not bad, just extremly odd. First thing in the morning, I get to wake up to music, and it is familliar enough that I'll recognize it, but it is not familliar enough that recognition is easy. When you're still sleeping, so it forces me to become awake enough that I can figure out how I know what's playing.

3) The Sugarbowl has amazing coffee. It's just fabulous. And mindboggling at just how good it is. It's not just myself that thinks so, I went with another coffee-snob friend, Rides on Elephants (who will henceforth be known simply as Elephant, due to the long and unwieldy nature of the long form of her name) and she agrees. We will return.

4) New favorite place to go out for a drink. The Strathern (sp?) at first glance looked a little... like a dive. As the night wore on, I realized two things:
a) Cheap beer gets better after a while.
b) The Strat (Strath?) is extremely low on the pretentious asshole scale. People came, people drank their beer, and left. Elephant said that the place reminded her of the small bars she would go to when she was in australia, and it sort of reminded me of small-town bars (of which I've been to 3) There was a jukebox, but it was quiet enough that I had no trouble talking to Elephant.
c) It's nice to have a quiet place to go out for a night. The people there were all after the same thing, more or less. It was a very relaxing night.

Plans for the Future

1) Run a contest. More details to follow.
2) Update links.
3) Become a philosopher. I was reading Xenocide by Orson Scott Card (a very good book in a very good series) in the tub, and I realized that there is so much I don't know about how and why and when, and wish that I did.
4) Find an apartment in Toronto that:
a) doesn't cost the earth
b) isn't in a super scary part of town
It would be nice if it was close to the U of T.
5) Finish my sewing project.
6) Finish cleaning.
7) More studying. gah.


Jen said...


has a few things to add to your lovely note.

1. There is a reason why I stopped drinking cheap beer.
2. It was so long ago I forgot what it was.
3. Kate Bush is fun.
4. That wasn't what I meant to say.
5. Cheap beer is bad.
6. I think I've only had a hangover that bad once.
7. The Strathcona Hotel is just as fun when you're not drinking what "they call Canadian."

The spring wind blows through my hair
tickling me everywhere!!!

Wanna come to the midnight sale with me on Friday? I work 'till close, so the earliest I could probably be there is.... um..... 11? Sure. I can bike there in half an hour from work. Do it all the time. & if all else fails, what're your Sunday church plans?

(I am listening to a bunch of tunes i've tentatively named "the soundtrack for when you can't sleep late at night" and so far (2nd time around) they seem to be pretty solid......)

I'm sure someone could make some inference to the blatant symbolism in the colours of our blogs - yours being mostly white and mine being mostly black - and what this says about our personality. I find this funny.

an said...

Sounds like an excellent plan. Too bad I don't have your current email. ;-)

Jen said...

dude, my email hasn't changed since.... like..... I dunno. I think I was 16. earth_air_water_fire@yahoo.com

does this mean you left me the voicemail message I haven't checked yet? I was busy reading my ex's wife's poetry (as much as I want to dislike her because she refuses to meet me on principle, she's a very talented writer) trying to forget a friend..... yeah. Last night's poetry was..... about Kesa. I really miss her.

Tonight I'm not sure I feel that poetic. I'm trying to stay up long enough to phone Karsoe (karsoepix.blogspot.com) but....... it's a while before he gets home from work (not really, 20 minutes or so) and.... yeah. International long distance other side of the planet relationships suck arse. I highly do not recommend them. However, when ya don't appear to have much choice in the matter....... yeah.

I'm home before noon tomorrow. And if you call before 9 you'll probably wake me up - aka actually reach me. Any time after that is sketchy 'cause I'll be in and out of the shower and I never think to check voicemail before I leave in the mornings.... and I'm home..... when? 11pm? No. If I start work at noon I won't work 'til close. Hm. I have no clue. Oh well. don't have to worry about it yet.