Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Happy!

Finished my last midterm, and it went well, I think.

There was one question that I wasn't quite sure what the prof was asking for, but I guessed and either I did well on the question, or I bombed it. However, that is the past. And I kicked ass on the other questions. Which means that fortunately, a whole bunch of the questions were on the readings. I'm much better at reading books than sitting in class, listening to lists of programs, names and dates.

This style of class has led me to realize yet again that I'm definitely a visual learner. Or something. Just listening to lectures is almost painful. It hurts. It is also freakishly boring. The subject matter could be wildly fascinating, but style of presentation really does count. I am a diagram kind of girl. Pictures make me happy. I like to think that that is how I get to write super-fun papers on graphic novels.

I will admit, I adore Powerpoint presentations, especially when the notes get posted before class. The psych department is pretty good about allowing and facilitating webnotes on their website; whereas the sociology department is rather... terrible. I'm sure that it has something to do with their budget and its ever-present cuts, but I will admit that: a) I'm spoiled and b) I like it that way.

A Note On Something Completely Different:

I've found a new lab which I like. There is some sort of a statistics/economics lab going on right now, and the TA is hilarious. My favourite is when he gets all sarcastic when talking to his students, and then calls out "SILENCE!" Fortunately he doesn't care about visitors coming in, as long as you're quiet. Which I am, because really, who am I going to talk to in an economics lab?

I had to stop going to the business lab, as fun as those computers were, with their double screens and fast connections. I totally blame business students for never shutting up. I know that they do a lot of group work, but I kept ending up near the same hyper-annoying girls. Who kept talking. About their friends. Behind their backs. It was like being in jr. high again. Save me from those trendy bitches. They were more than I could take.

No really, I'm being serious. I can only handle so much yoga-wear and perfect hair.

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