Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still Packing....

Always a fun read.

Go enjoy. I'll be home this time tomorrow. Or at the very least, I'll be on the plane.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I think I've come to grips with the fact that Toronto is not home, will not be home, and probably never will be.

I don't hate it here, but I don't love it either. It seems to be pretty ok most of the time. I've gotten familiar with some parts of Toronto, and can make my way myself through several places without even a map. Some sights are becoming immediately recognizable.

The shopping is fun, especially for yarn, but the air smells like vehicles all the time. Public bathrooms are usually disgusting. There's so much stuff here. So many people, so many stores, so much random crap everywhere. Stores vomiting up random merchandise onto the street. There isn't too much of that at home, it just doesn't happen. Sometimes something will happen, or someone will say something, and

It's hard to feel like you can catch a breath here sometimes.

It feels a little like I'm on an extended vacation from my real life and when I go home, my life will start up again, except that right now, I am working, so that's not very vacation-y.

I'm going home soon.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Easy Peasy Free Lace Pattern

So, here is my lace pattern. It is fun, and pretty easy. I think it is a great starting lace pattern because there is a good balance of knitting and lace knitting. It will keep you from being bored, but won't drive you to drink. I borrowed heavily from Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting Stitch pattern "Feather and Fan".

If by 'borrowed heavily' you mean pretty much 'cut and pasted'.

The dimensions of this scarf are still pretty nebulous, since I haven't blocked mine yet, however, it is currently about the width of my hand, and goes from just below my belt, around my neck, and back down to just below my belt. So it is long enough to not look funny for a decorative scarf. However, be warned that it isn't really wide enough to be a proper "it's minus 40 out right now and I need something to keep from losing my face to frostbite" scarf.

You will need:

Circular needles (or not, again, this is your choice) at least a size 11 or bigger if you've got them. I used 11 because that was the biggest I had. I would have used a bit bigger if I could, like a 15.

1 skein of bulky weight wool yarn. Or not. It's not like there is a gauge or anything. Pick something you think is pretty and you keep touching. Use a needle size a bit larger than what your yarn calls for. Remember, the bigger the needle, the bigger the holes. However, also remember that there is an inverse relationship between size of holes and warmth of scarf. I used Lamb's Pride Bulky in White Frost. The mohair is really pretty with the lacyness.

A row counter, but only if you really like using them. Unless you like to live on the edge, like I generally do. Although it is more of a "losing small articles is very common" rather than a "has problems with authority figures" sort of living on the edge.

Notes: You can do a gauge swatch, if you like doing that kind of thing. They're also good for getting used to a new yarn, but again, a scarf is a long rectangle, and there isn't any fitting or not fitting, there is only not long enough.


Cast on 12 VERY LOOSELY. I did a long-tail cast on, because it is the only one I know, and the others don't really make too much sense from only pictures. However, it did work, and it is very pretty.

To Begin:

R1: Knit all
R2: K2tog, K2tog, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, K2tog, K2tog (This row is the lace row. It doesn't change. The sooner you memorize, the happier you will be)
R3: Knit
R4: k2tog, k2tog, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, k2tog, k2tog
R5: Knit

The Body:
Do this part until you have about 6 rows worth of yarn left, or you start going buggy. Remember though, that it should be long enough to wrap at least once around the neck, and the ends should hang at about the belt of the person it is going to belong to. Another good thing is to remember the approximate size of that person. Kids = short. Adults = long. Big tall adults = even longer.

R6: K2tog, K2tog, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, K2tog, K2tog
R7: knit
R8: knit
R9: knit
R10: knit

To Finish:

R11: K2tog, K2tog, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, YO K1, K2tog, K2tog
R12: Knit
R13: K2tog, k2tog, YO k1, YO, k1, YO k1, YO K1, k2tog, k2tog
R14: knit
R15: Cast off LOOSELY

Helpful Hints:

Read the whole pattern. No really, it might help.

When you are knitting the lace row, think of it this way: "knit 2 together, knit 2 together, yarnover and knit one (think of it as one step, and errors will be easier to fix and find) until there are only four stitches left on your source needle, then knit 2 together, knit 2 together"

If you are doing the full 4 rows of garterstitch between each lace row, there will be two bumps one each side of your knitting between each lace row. If you are doing the 2 row alteration, you will only have one bump on each side of your knitting. This will be invaluable knowledge if you are prone to losing row counters or just don't feel like using one at all. Picking up your knitting in the middle of a repeat has just lost its terror.


1) Leave out R9 & R10 for a more lacy lace. However, make sure that your lace repeat has an even number of rows of knitting between each lace row, because otherwise your lace will become off center and look really odd. Not that I know this for a fact. Oh no, not me at all.

2) Change the second k2tog to a ssk, or your favourite left slanting decrease. Not that I know any left slanting decreases yet, but someday. Someday that knowledge will be mine. When I get off my butt and go look it up.

3) Make the scarf three times as wide by repeating the pattern three times. However, you will then need approximately three times the yarn. Just so you know. But this could be really interesting in a "I totally am just thinking of this right now and have never actually tried this" kind of way. You could make the lace row:

k2tog 6x, YO K1 12x, k2tog 6x*


(k2tog 2x, YO K1 4x, k2tog 2x)3x*

Either way, I totally haven't tried it out and have no idea how it would work in reality.

*2x means two times, 6x means six times, ()3x means do everything inside the parentheses three times. Just so you know.

And now for something completely different...

After a barely useful day of Christmas shopping, I discovered this.

One of my favourite comics has an issue online. I definitely recommend it, for anyone who likes superheroes, or even just grand stories.

Go enjoy.

Friday, December 08, 2006

News News News

Work News
Work is slowing down. And by slowing down, I actually mean that I think I might be a little less stressed.

Today there aren't any bosses in the office. YAY!

Today is the work Christmas party. Everyone gets to donate money for World Vision goats, and then bring a White Elephant present instead of buying presents for people.

In theory it works a little bit better than in actuality, as not everyone who works here and is coming to the Christmas party has a house. A House Full of Stuff.

While Charming and I do have an apartment, we were actually pretty good about what we packed and brought so we are high on the essentials, but low on random stuff we never use.

Knitting News
The first three scarves are done.

The stockinette faux-clapotis for A is done, and wickedly curly. I'm not sure how well it will work, because it is made of acrylic, and I don't think you can block acrylic. However, it turned out to be this really long decorative scarf, so it should be ok.

The racing stripes for S is done, and looks not bad. Still a little curly, despite its border, but nowehere near as bad as A's scarf, and the colors are very nice. The stripes are not lying flat because I was knitting tightly as usual, and it wasn't until I relaxed about half way through the scarf and realized that drinking wine + knitting means that two-color knitting can lay flat. So then I had to tighten it up to finish it. Because then it means that it looks like you meant it to do that. Which I did once I saw how it turned out. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

The lacy scarf for G is done, and was ridiculously easy and fast. The final pattern turned out to be a variation of feather and fan. The variation was that it was one repeat, in a garterstitch, not stockinette. Because I was so sick of curly scarves. SO SICK. I should post this pattern for anyone who might want to try lace, but thinks it is scary. The scarf is really pretty too. I think I might have to make one like it for myself, but maybe in a bright red or something fun. The yarn is a bit scratchier than the others, because that yarn was originally planned to be something for me, and I couldn't make up my mind, and I ended up ripping it a bunch. It will definitely get washed in conditioner. I still can't really believe that it was so much fun seeing the lace row come out after you knitted it. It's not exactly like the row ever changed, but damn, it was so fun seeing the holes show themselves.

The cabled scarf is coming along nicely, and I've discovered that CABLING IS FUN!!! and also easy. It does need a rowcounter though, but I've developed a rhythm, so its getting a little better. Fortunately, I'm using a very dark yarn, so any artistic licsences are not as noticeable as they could be. Cabling is also very good for when you are stressed. I think it's the twisty-ness that makes it so satisfying. I now really want the Cables Untangled book. I was in a bookstore last night and flipped through it, and it looks pretty good, plus she has a TON of cable patterns in the back.

I will admit a very strong weakness for stitch patterns. Not so much for patterns themselves, but definitely for stitch patterns.

All my scarves are knitted in Lamb's Pride Bulky, except for A's acrylic which is Patons Chunky Softee (in Carnival).

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Knitting

I've started my planning for Christmas Knitting.

I'm not sure if I will:

a) crash and burn or
b) totally kick ass with the knitted gifts and win everyone's admiration and acclaim.

It involves a lot of scarves. I'm actually happy about this because a scarf is a good way to try to try something new without a lot of investment. Like cables. Or lace. Or two colour knitting.

My List of Scarves to Make... so far

1. A's scarf - it is a stockinette with a k2tog yo border. It is the scrolling curler of epic proportions. I started it last monday.
2. S's scarf - something with a racing stripe in manly yarn.
3. Polar Bear's scarf - cables? in a dark blue
4. Grizzly Bear's scarf - more cables? something? who knows?
5. G's scarf - white garterstitch lace of some sort

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rank Heresy

I'm at work.

It's very quiet right now, and while I do have a big bunch of stuff to do, I really don't want to do any of it. I want to have a nap. This is not at all surprising. What is surprising is...

I wore a skirt today, and have mostly bare legs. I'm wearing my leather boots, but still, that doesn't equal pants. I have the window open right now. It feels so wrong to be wearing skirts in November. It feels like heresy most rank.

I'm wearing a skirt, and I didn't freeze on my trip to work this morning.

Another surprising thing, I was in the best mood walking to work and for the first few hours. I was all chipper and cheerful watching the extremely fat squirrels running around Philosopher's Walk as I was coming to work.

Now... I feel like all I want is a nap. Or maybe some nice mindless knitting.

ps. I started a new scarf after I cast off my italian babyblanket. It is pretty fun. Its just stockingette with a knit2tog, yarnover border. The interesting part is that I'm probably using needles about 2 full sizes too small, and it's making the fabric really dense, and causing this odd rolling. It looks like a partially rolled scroll. I'm using Bernat Chunkee Bulky (?) in Carnivale.

Monday, October 30, 2006

More On The Knitting Disaster. And Other News.

So after knitting myself into a peaceful stupor on (by? with?) the Italian baby blanket and a very nice nap, I'm ready to face the disaster.

A giant ripping will ensue. Soon. I was actually thinking that it would have been very fun to have a Halloween post involving me filming the ripping of the AfkaS to scary music. Unfortunately, I would have needed Charming to film it and since he won't even stay in the room while I'm ripping, getting him to film it for me seems... a little optimistic.

I do have a knitting reference book, Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting. I quite like it, however, it does assume you know the basics. Somethings are easy to find (like different ways to cast on) and some things are difficult to find, like how exactly is a yarnover is supposed to be done (Thanks Knitty!) . However, this book looks really good. The knitter's handy book of sweater patterns sounds good and useful. I think I might want to make myself a sweater because a) it's cold. b) I'm cold. and c) I'm always wearing a sweater or a cardigan. Why not make one for my own self? Then it would be long enough in the waist and arms, skinny enough in the arms and deep enough in the bust.

Anyway, back to the fixing. I know my proportions (picked up stitches/row) was way too high. The heady feeling of almost being done was my downfall.

In other news, only 2.5 more balls of green left on the babyblanket, and then the border, and then I'm done. I've also noticed that I've gotten faster knitting so progress is going so well on something!

ps. Did Stephanie really post in all of her Yarn Harlotty goodness on my Blog? While that would be indescribably cool, but rather unknowable due to my statcounter not even registering any of the commentators so I can't even tell where they were from, grr. Although if that hit was from anywhere in Ontario at all, I would definitely be deciding that it was in fact, a hit from her own self. (On another note, is that as cool as meeting Nathan Fillion? And getting a picture? And seeing him do very good improv?)

pps. Ohh! There's a handy book of patterns too. Fun! And Baby Alpaca for sale!!!!!!

ppps. For those who might be interested, I got the job. Now I get to work my buns off getting everything ready for when the maternity leave actually starts. I'm looking forward to it. Also looking forward to less depressing paycheques. Yay!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Knitting Disaster Has Struck

My very first knitting disaster has struck.

It is my Afghan formerly known as Scarf.

I decided to adapt it into a lapblanket for my Grannie, after seeing one in a store. The perfect part of that plan meant that I didn't have to do anymore of the pretty wide rows of garterstitch because it was definitely long enough for Grannie to use when sitting in her wheelchair (she recently hurt herself and is now in the wheelchair for a while).

However, this meant that the AfkaS was not quite wide enough to go across the lap, so I decided to pick up stitches along the side and put on about 5 more rows of stockinette to match the bit of pattern I put on it (three rows of stockinette, which made a nice contrast to the garterstitch). So I picked up stitches along the side and painfully knit the border on. After row 4, I discovered that the border was on backwards, so that the purl side was showing on the right side of the piece.

I decided that I didn't care. Knitting those rows actually hurt. Not only were those rows even MORE boring than knitting the length, but knitting them was painful in a way that I've never had to go through before. It was more painful than knitting a whole ball of Shine Worsted (stockinette) in one day and mostly one sitting.

It had to do with the splitty-ness and the tension of the yarn I was using (and USED to love, but now super hate.

Anyway. That is not the disaster.

This is the disaster.

The border is supposed to be flat and even, just an extension on main piece. It is this wide curvy ruffle thing that is erupting from the side of the AfkaS. Its huge. It is not at all what I was hoping for.

I do not know how to fix it, but I do know who to blame.

Who To Blame

  1. Knitter. She is the one who taught me how to knit, and lives two time zones away. She lives in a place where I can't just run upstairs and bang on the door and get her to show me how to do something. Therefore, some of the blame belongs to her.
  2. Yarn Harlot. Somewhere in her blog she mentioned picking up stitches and knitting off the edge. Sounds easy. But its not. Not at all. Her stuff comes out looking like pretty lace. Mine comes out looking like.... I have no idea. Crappy ruffles. They aren't even cute ruffles. Just lame crappy ruffles.
  3. The person on our floor who keeps stealing our paper. You big jerk. Not being able to read my paper on the days when you steal it obviously made me get the whole picking up stitches thing wrong. Do you feel any guilt at all?

Friday, October 27, 2006



At this exact minute, I feel like I've just sidled up to a group of people that I kind of know and am faced with the mind-numbing task of breaking into conversation.

Except I have no idea what the other part of the conversation is about, or what pace it's at or anything. Apparently I'm speaking into a void right now which would make sense, since I'm actually posting on my blog.

I'll start with knitting, because I have knitting news.

Knitting (and Crocheting... This section should actually be called Yarn.)

I bought birch double pointed knitting needles. I am in love. I love the wood in my hands, I love the smooth warmth of the needles. I love the simplicity of them. Unfortuntately there is no picture, but they are dpns. Dpns all look the same.

Love. Love. Love.

I crocheted my first flower (that I really like). I've been playing with making flowers (both knitting and crocheted, but crocheting is faster and quite a bit easier for me. My flower is a faux poppy; as today, when I was gadding about, I saw that people had started to wear their poppies. I do wear my poppy all month, but I'm forever losing mine and then end up wearing a poppy i found on the floor. So this year, I'm making my own. If I see a stand selling them, I'll still try to drop some change, but I'm not going to bother attempting to wear them. I'll try to take a picture of the poppy and post it later, but I'll have to do it when Charming is a bit less busy with schoolwork. I've never downloaded pictures before.

On the Job Front.

Nothing new to report. I do have a meeting on Tuesday, and hopefully it will be good news. However, as long as it is definite, I'll be happy. I hate limbo.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

My worst test anxiety in school tended to be after I'd written the test, and before marks got back.

Married Life

I like married. I like it alot.

It feels really good. I love having Charming around, and just that we're able to spend time and be together. I love that I come home to someone who loves me. I love that there is someone at home to take care of, and who also takes care of me.

I also really love that wedding planning is over and done with and I never ever have to see another bridal anything store ever. EVER.

Living in the Really Big City

I've gotten used to living in the RBC, and finally feel like Alice in Wonderland after she figured out which bit of mushroom to eat to get large, and which bottle to drink from to get small again. The world did finally stop spinning. Which is always nice, because I do get motionsick from that sort of thing.

I can leave the apartment building (usually) without my map, and can find my way around certain areas all on my own quite well. I'm pretty proud of myself. It took time and work to get this way.

I'm at the point where I don't mind it here, and do like some things about the city.

I'm still ok with moving home when the time comes though. That will be nice.

Conclusion (or I'm off, just going to say bye for now)

I'm done for now. That's my news. I"m going to go watch Babylon 5 with Charming.

Oh, and I'm getting a hair cut. The person who is doing it said something about 3 from Battlestar Galactica. I'm intruiged and ready for a change.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blogger Ate My Post


I was in the middle of writing this big long post saying how sorry I was about my long neglect.


Blogger ate my post. And I think that it might be my *&(*(%^$%##%*&^ computer's fault. It does this thing, where the internet will forget that it is connected, and perfectly functional, and then I have to go and re-click or re-enter the website address and oddly enough, it will work. It started when Charming made it so that we could have our own profiles (running windows xtra poo) and now the internet doesnt always work.

%$#@@!#$&*^%$#@@$%^&*%^$()*&^(&%^%$%#&*&^^^&* *(*%$%$$&

I only sort of feel better. I'm going to go knit now. And go to bed. I have to work tomorrow.

Monday, October 02, 2006

a street in a strange world...

The dvd is just at the part where they are discussing the video for You can call me Al. It is definitely one of the best videos ever. It is comic genius. Chevy Chase sings in a bare pink room while Paul Simon plays the instrumental parts. Especially compared to the original video, which is a great example of why we don't need to go back to the eighties.


this is crazy. absolutely crazy, and completely fascinating. everyone should read this. this is so cool.

New Template

I've changed my template again, becasue of two things.

1) I hate not having comments.

2) I really hate that no one can see the titles of my posts. A title is important. It tells you what is going on. I put them in for a reason.

who am i to blow against the wind?

i'm listening to a dvd that my dad gave me. it's doing a good job of cheering me up.

i'm in the middle of doing laundry, cleaning, putting more stuff away and then doing dishes, maybe laundry, possibly some baking for our thanksgiving roadtrip.

the dvd is the one about Paul Simon's Graceland.

I used to have that recording on tape when i was little, and i warped it because i played it so often. I've had several copies of the cd, because i'm also brutal on cds. I scratch them like crazy.

I used to play it so quietly as i was falling asleep. On a good night, I would listen to one side of the tape, when I couldn't sleep, I would hear both sides.

It is quite possible my favourite cd. I haven't listened to it for a long time, because all my cd's are mostly put away, and I'd forgotten how much i love that cd.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bhaa Bhaa Bhaam Vol. 2


Shoes and purses are done!

Blue Cross - I still have to print off and re-check off that daft section again. And re-fax it. Yippee. However, my actual print file seems to be unavailable. Hmmm.

Having worked in a dental office for years, I do believe that this is cover-my-ass speak for some dip lost the file. Nice.

This place looks surprisingly the same. I would have to say I feel pretty cheated right about now.

Bhaa Bhaa Bhaaam

So things are very messy in married-land right now. As soon as I finish this little post my exciting jobs for the day are to:

1)Call Blue Cross (health insurance) and figure out why there are problems with my application. After calling them back, I discovered that apparently part of the form didn't get faxed. It was the check yes or no, have you ever had ________ part of the form. I asked why I couldnt just fill it in over the phone (which apparently was Very Much Not Done), I discovered that the person who I was talking with didn't have my file. I asked if they had recieved my medical history yet. She also didn't know. Then the girl decided that I probably should talk to the person who actually had my file. Sounds good, yes? Except that that person was also on the phone and was supposed to call me back, and hasn't yet.

2) Clean house. More specifically this means:

a) Unpack shoes and put them away.
b) Put away clothes. Put dirty clothes in hamper/dirty clothes pile.
c) Put away bags/purses. Somewhere.
d) Start emptying the bookcase that Prince Charming is going to use for his research/school books.
e) Organize the Bathroom. Sounds small, is actually terrible due to the exceedingly large amount of bath-stuff I presently own.

3) Take something out for dinner for when Charming comes home. Goodness only knows what that should/could be.

4) Work on my knitting. I've started working on an exciting new project that is working out shockingly well so far. I just have to adjust a pattern or two, and it will be perfect.

Well, maybe. In other knitting news, I'm still progressing on my Afghan formerly known as a Scarf, and thinking about getting back to work on my baby blanket. Once things get tidied up a bit, knitting will go faster. Along with everything else I suppose too.

So, this is my life right now, along with just hanging out with Charming and enjoying being married. Its nice having someone to come home to. Charming is gone today, at school, so I've been pretty lazy so far.

Pajamas? Check. No shower? Check. Breakfast of cookies? Check. Lunch of leftovers? Check.

Did I mention that I made cookies? I made chocolate chip cookies that are super great. And tea buscuits that also turned out. Charming made tea buscuits yesterday that turned out... not bad, but I've had better. He asked me if I could taste anything different and... I wasn't sure. There was something, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then he told me he used my vanilla soy milk instead of milk. Bleah. For your information, vanilla soy milk leaves tea buscuits rather dense and tasting like soy. Now you know, and you don't have to experiment. It is ok in a pinch, but I don't really recommend it. Which is somewhat funny, because I drink vanilla soy milk. It's ok. I think I like it, it is a good milk substitute, and it is great with cookies. If I could drink milk without all the fun that being lactose intolerant involves, I wouldn't go near it. I honestly think that people who drink soy because "it's good for you" or "they just like it" are actually crazy. Crazy. There are a very few types of soy milk that actually taste good. Soy itself is gross. It is not good. I just can't stress that little point enough. It does not have the natural sweetness that milk does, and requires much sugar to be palatable. Loads of sugar. Truckloads of sugar. Aircraft carriers full of sugar.

Mmmm. Sugar....

Monday, September 04, 2006

That's Right, You Heard Me

The fighter jets were particularly busy today.

That's right, you heard me. Fighter jets. There are fighter jets flying over Toronto pretty steadily during the day, since Friday or Thursday.

The first time I mentioned them, Prince Charming looked at me and thought that I mis-said jumbo jets (which totally sound different, I think). He didn't quite believe me that there were fighter jets,* until we saw some flying overhead. However, when I was in Greece, the fighter jets used to fly overhead every so often on their way to heaven only knows (but probably Cyprus or the Greek-Turkish border**) and so you get to recognize the sound as they fly past.

In other news, Prince Charming, while waiting for the rest of our stuff to show up, have begun to play a computer game. It is very old and called "Under a Steel Sky". We are at about 1/3 through. I kindof like it. It is slowed down (so I can play) and involves funny dialouge and much pointing and clicking.

*Prince Charming would like to say that he had thought that that it was fighter jets first, and thought that I was thinking that they were only jumbo jets.

** Prince Charming says that they were probably just on a routine patrol, but I didn't think that they liked Turkey very much over there, because I saw this poster one time and it did a great job of making Turkey look like a not-nice place to go, and I also have a very fuzzy grasp of Cyprus' history.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

News From the Big City

So, Prince Charming and I have made it to the Big City and are tucked into our cute apartment, safe as houses.

I'm somewhat stunned as to what to say yet. Most of our stuff is not here yet, but should be coming soon, but what is here is mostly set up. Yay!

I'm slowly getting used to life in the Giant City, but am still glad that this is not a permanent thing.

Other than that, mostly just getting used to the fact that Prince Charming doesn't go home. Because he lives here. With me. And I never get the bed to myself anymore. Plus, he does this thing in the night, it works like turning overin your sleep, but it is actually more like a flying spin drop twist bounce.

However, I will have to say that I do like married life so far. It gets two thumbs up from me!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Just Over A Week

So Prince Charming and I have been married for just over a week, and so far, I like being married.

We've almost caught up on our sleep and are preparing for the big move.

It's so exciting. I know. So exciting.

We went shopping today and bought all sorts of fascinating things, like a breadknife, sheets, a duvet, and a big bunch of super big towels. Tomorrow we'll get closer to being finished the shopping stuff.

Yay Us!

Yay Being Married!

Yay Almost being done the shopping!

Umm, actually I like the shopping part. I could do with a bit more of that. Fortunately, there is more shopping to be done. Yay more shopping!

Friday, August 04, 2006

One More Sleep

Tomorrow Prince Charming and I are getting married. It feels strange, because this has been in the works for so long, I can hardly believe that it will all come into place tomorrow.

I am excited, and the only things I'm nervous about are the whole everyone staring at you as you walk down the aisle and forgetting something.

But it should go very well tomorrow, and tonight I'm going to bed early, because I'm also freaking tired.

So, this is letting you know why no posts in so long, Gentle Reader, in case you were wondering. Give me about a week or two, and I should be back to 'normal'.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's Hot.

It's hot. It is blinking, freaking hot out right now.

It is approximately a million degrees right now. Everything is hot. I am hot. It has gone past swooby and swass to simply sw-an.

Fortunately, my basement, notorious for freezing in the fall, winter, spring, and early summer, has become nicely temperate. I'm leaving all my windows open and the breezes have warmed up my little cave to the point where I don't need to wear a sweater. Yay!

I've been spending quite a bit of time in my basement.

I've been spending time with my friends, and working on wedding stuff. And going to see movies.

I've seen Pirates of the Carribean 2, and Superman Returns.

Both are very good. I recommend them, especially going to the matinee. It's blinking hot outside, and cool on the inside, and the theatres are pretty empty.

Whistle Twice and I went yesterday to see Superman Returns, we both liked it. The movie I mean, we didn't like paying $3.50 for crappy fake lemonade or $4 for a bag of smarties.

Next time we're bringing our own snacks. Oh yeah, the joy of carrying a big purse. It's the only way to go to the movies.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Highlights for this Slackerly Weekend
1) Saw Pirates 2. This was a super good movie. The characters have become more complex and interesting, especially Norrington and Elizabeth. The only downside was that Knitter told me that Keira Knightley's accent in the movie is her actual accent. This means that it won't get better. It won't change. There will be three movies of listening to her dippy accent.
2) Went to the Library and took out a large group of CD's. This means fun music to wake up and listen to, and also start collecting music for the wedding reception. This is only somewhat productive, because I sincerely doubt that Rev. Horton Heat will be dinner music.
3) Spent time with Prince Charming. It's amazing how busy two people can get when they are getting married/working/etc. and end up not having anytime to see each other.
4) Bought a very nice mattress. It is a pocket coil, and should be very nice to sleep on. It will be a definite change, since my mattress is both hard and uncomfortable. Once I'm able to sleep on it, I will definitely let everyone know how it goes.
5) Had breakfast with my dad, Polar Bear. He's gone up north to work, following the 10 in/4 out schedule. He's liking the work and so it was nice to see him. We do breakfast together Saturday mornings.
And now, back to other things...
Today was pretty productive.

I'm actually meaning that. It is quite shocking. After a rather slackerly weekend, it was time to get to work.

Of course this automatically means that tomorrow something horrendous will show up and derail absolutely everything, but one can only hope that this derailment won't be too bad.

Prince Charming and I spent several hours today working on The Master List.

Not only was that time utterly enthralling, but it was also very fun. I will admit to being somewhat relieved because now it means that there is an end in sight. It may be a long way off, but it is in sight.

The wind is blowing and a thunderstorm is here. Except for the fact that my head hurts, I love this weather. The wind never smells as sweet as when it is raining and thundering.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Bit of an Update

So, for those of you just tuning in, I've been away.

Work got busy, wedding stuff went insane, and I stopped posting.

However, now I'm back.

I made the huge mistake of going to a completely unreliable "professional" dressmaker. After being talked down to, bullied and repeatedly "misunderstood," I called in the big guns and my problem was fixed.

Well, it is as fixed as it can be until I see it with the alterations done.

I will be overjoyed to tell that sad tale later. After I'm done catching up on all the stuff that got left behind because I was too busy trying to track down my dressmaker.

I am back. I missed posting. I missed reading up on what other people are doing. I also missed the peace of not having to deal with the dressmaker on an almost daily basis.

And yes, I will be calling the Better Business Bureau as soon as my (perfect, and it will be perfect) dress is in my hot little hands.

In happier news, I've got an order of fancy knitting needles and much yarn coming in. It should be great. Anytime I get stressed, I just say three things to myself:

1) It will be over soon.
2) There is no way that the dressmaker is making any money on my dress. (Petty? I think not. If I'm not allowed charge her for my wasted time, she's not allowed to make a profit on my dress)
3) Best of all, I have new fancy needles coming! Yay! And yarn.

Plus, I get to bother Gamer every day and ask him where my package is. He likes it when I do that. Alot.


Friday, June 30, 2006

Laa Dee Dah

So, lunch at work.



This job gives me lots of time to think, but I feel a bit odd posting here.

1. Why does the bathroom smell so much? It is a girls washroom. I've never been in a bathroom so consistently awful.

2. Why is the coffee so consistently awful? I'm serious. It's terrible. Black as death, burnt to a crisp. I finally found a way to make it drinkable, and that is to mix one package of hot chocolate, fill the cup half full of water, and then add coffee and stir.

I went with Ardberg to go and see the Omen 666.

It was interesting. Definitely interesting.

I learned many things.

1) Dogs are evil. You especially know that they are evil because of the evil drool.

2) Mia Farrow is the only scary person in the movie. She's actually scary. And the most believable person in the movie. Sorry glowery kid. Sorry Julia Stiles.

3) Apparently astrology and astronomy are the same thing. No difference at all. Same with crosses and crucifixes are also the same.

4) The altar is not the table-y thing at the front. Its just that bit of the carpet in the chancel steps.

Lunch ends, back to the salt mines.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Me and Not-me

It was your hands that stapled these papers together,
as quickly and thoughtlessly as I rip them apart.
I touch these things that you have touched.
You are a stranger,
I would not know you on the street
But here we are, almost touching.
I know that you
wear gloves (size large),
have a preference for chicken quesadillas (extra salsa),
and are carrying a Motorola T5000.
Your money is deposited into the proper account.

Approval Please

How good it is for invoices,
To be made of only thin paper and black numbers,
And not of sterner stuff, like heart and bone.

For invoices there is only a constant struggle,
the search for approval, and confirmation.
Upon the completion of their payment,
banishment to a quiet graveyard.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time at Work

This is from a few days ago. Apparently the emailing posts to blogger does not quite work from gmail. Ick.

So today, I had the utterly unenviable job of sorting invoices again. Also happening again today was someone "forgetting" that they had a foot and a half stack of invoices on their desk. It was fantastic.

I had more interesting things to say.

Oh yes. On Saturday I went to my uncle Teacher Bear's retirement party. It was a little strange (but really cool too) because some of my favourite teachers from high school were there too. I got to talk to my old english teacher (who is still my favourite english teacher). It was pretty cool. Hanging around the firepit, almost but not quite setting yourself on fire, interacting with people I still respect on a more even level. I wish I'd given him my blog. I think he would like reading it. He seemed encouraged that I had managed to avoid the "I need to look perfectly teased and make-upped to have worth as a person" trap. We chatted about that and the pressure on girls to be pretty dolls. I like to think I have better things to do than look perfect, but I will admit that I have my days too.

Ever onward and upward, and I'll get there someday.

On excessively girly and frivolous news, my toes are missing a jewel again. After going back and getting the ones I lost in the first week replaced, and having the girl seal them into the pedicure, I am now missing a little jewel. I'm not very impressed. I'll need to either resign myself to losing jewels and toe-sparkles being ephemeral or I'll need to try out other pedicurists.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

And So Our Week Draws Slowly To An End

This week has been long. I've been a very busy girl lately.

Sunday - Went to talk to Meenie about wedding cakes, had a celebratory dinner at Prince Charming's parents house, and we played the Train Game. Ticket To Ride (Europe). It is the Charming family's favourite game currently. I tend to kick ass at it. However, this time I lost severely. Oh well. Next time I'll rule the world.

Monday - I convocated. It was long, drawn out and exceedingly dull. I was the girl with the knitting. Mama Bear and Grizzly Bear (my dad) and Prince Charming were my guests. It was so nice! Everyone got along. My stepdad, Polar Bear, wasn't able to come because he had to work. Apparently he actually wanted to come. I was pretty surprised, because I didn't want to go, and wasn't expecting anyone else to want to go.

Tuesday - Went into work, and talked to the managers. They want me to move into another department (AR) when I'm not working in Accounts Payable. It will probably work out very nicely. The 3 days a week ends two weeks before the wedding, and the 2 days a week ends one week before the wedding. Did more filing and invoice-y stuff. Went out for dinner with Purple. It was nice to connect with her. She's my married girlfriend. I tend to get to see her when her husband is out of town and we do the incredibly girly things together that our partners won't do with us. Like watch Matthew McConahey (I know its spelt wrong, but no one really cares but you.) movies and check out the discount makeup section at the drugstore. Its pretty awesome. We also watch Sandra Dee movies.

Wednesday - Worked. More invoices and checking statements. For lunch though, I met Palm Tree. She'd called me the night before, and it turns out that our two buildings touch. Yay! So we caught up. Apparently her parents are in Spain, and just got back from getting lost in Africa. She's been busy lately doing about 3 jobs. However, that is actually pretty normal for her.

Prince Charming and I had our marriage prep course. The topic was good sex. It was interesting mostly because of my psych background. I've dealt somewhat with similar topics and I thought that you could really tell that the target demographic for this course is the married with small children group. If there was a more severe sexual disfunction than basic exhaustion and maybe some poor communication ( like say, physical disability or a sexual philia) I would not really recommend the course. Or rather, I would make sure to make it clear that this course is the basic beginner level. There would have to be much more advanced work to be done. Prince Charming agreed with me.

Thursday - Today is my first day in Accounts Recievable. The manager is much more hands on than the other one. That is a nice way of saying she's got more control issues. My first job is to sort invoices and put them in numerical order. My second job is to partially empty out the old ones, and then put the new ones in. It took me all fricking day and I'm still not done.

I have never dealt with such an insane and counter-intuitive system. It didn't help that one of the two people supervising me had no idea how the system really worked. The other, I'll call Crazy Filing Cabinet Lady. She was extremely adamant on how the system worked. Extremely adamant.

The super good thing about this job is that they don't have room for me in with the other girls. So where do they put me? In the ex-Chief Financial Officer's old office. Oh yeah! It is so sweet. It is pretty big (not a corner office, but hey, I've only been there like 2 weeks so far) and I get a super huge desk (which I totally used for all the invoices) AND I get a super nice leather chair and my own printer.

The dynamics of this side of the office are very different than AP. In AP it's pretty quiet, and I stay in my corner and work. Lots of work getting done. In AR, there is still work going on (that's what I get to file) but there is also a ton of talking and stuff. As I'm not always in a corner, I also see more of everyone wandering around. I'm at the point where I'm beginning to recognize faces, but if you don't tell me what to do, I don't know your name.

I had a Pampered Chef shower, and that was super awesome. I've never been a huge Pampered Chef type, but I had a great time. The lady was really low pressure and only did a bit of demonstration. She already knew most of the other people there from previous parties. The people that came were from my old old job. At the dental office. They are Mama Bear's coworkers, but they are more than that, they are like extra aunts. I've known most of them my entire life. There were flowers and cakes. It was so special. I'm going to miss seeing them every 6 months for checkups and cleanings. I have no fear of the dentist, and in fact, I look forward to going. I always get the fun prizes too.

Friday - More work and invoices. Lots of invoices. I had the worst time trying to concentrate though. It was good that I got to leave early, because I was pretty useless. I did get some stuff done but it was hard. I went for dinner with Coffee (Prince Charming's mum) as a convocation present. Then I got a present!!!! YAY!!!! My present is a knitting needle set. But we ran into troubles. We were ordering from Knitpicks, and I couldnt decide between the Denise interchangeable set (which is what Knitter has) and the Knitpicks interchangeable set. Knitter is in England, so I don't really know what to do. Aiee!

  • airplane safe (plastic small tips)
  • semi-stupid carrying case
  • plastic tips (i do like metal better)
  • I think that you get tags and stuff with it, but I'm not quite sure


  • perhaps airplane safe but maybe not, depends on how anal the person searching your bag is, even though the FTA says knitting needles are ok.
  • very nice carrying case
  • comes with lots of nice accessories, like tags telling you what gauge you are using on the project
  • can buy extra bits for it
  • metal tips (which i do like, but again, is it airplane safe?)

So, dilemmas abound.

Saturday - got up early to go to the salon so she could fix my toes. The jewels were coming off and I was sad. Very sad. They shouldn't come off now though, because she put more goo on top. They look nice.

Dropped off Stillettos runners that I've had forever so she can wear them golfing with her dad on Father's day. He's really nice, and apparently super excited. Stiletto does not golf.

Here. Library. Picking up a hold. My geekiness is showing, its Finding Serenity: Anti-heroes, Lost shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly. YEAH!

Tonight my uncle is having is retirement party. It will be fun. It is my uncle the teacher. He taught me Social Studies.

Conclusion - I'm tired, and I've been getting cranky. Well, actually I am moody. I've not been getting enough sleep and/or alone time (am a definite introvert) and it is really showing. Most everything has been super fun, but it still takes a big bunch out of me. Prince Charming is stressed, I'm stressed, but things should get better soon. We've made a just-us date for Sunday. A desparately needed date. Plus I'm napping today. Next week I'm going to be in bed by 10:30. Getting up at 6:30 does not work when you get to bed at 1 am every night. And I should be more used to working steadily.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Good News

I have exciting news!

1) I now have gel toes, complete with little jewels. They are silly and perfect. I adore them, and now I want to do my fingernails. I really want to do my fingernails.

2) Apparently showing up to work, sitting in the corner and doing whatever is enough to wow them. I'm not sure if this is a sort of a small fish in an even smaller pond type of deal, or if it means that my work ethic is actually somewhat impressive. How do I know this? Apparently the office that I'm working for can't get enough of me. It's so sweet. Oh yes. So, this means they want me as long as I'm here. Or so it seems. I'll actually find out on Tuesday, after Convocation.

In other ways of being exciting, Stiletto has had the following happen to her:

1) Car broken into.
2) Got a ticket for expired plates, had to beg to not get car towed.
3)Car broken down in middle of rush hour.
4) Car broken by tow truck.
5) Car broken into again.
6) Car rearended today.

Needless to say, she's not having a good day or week.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Something New

I'm trying something new right now, to see if I can blog at work.

That's right. I said work.

Everyone can stop being all shocked at my now un-unemployed status.

I have begun my new life, and I am a temp.

All in all, this is not the worst job I've ever had, and the people here seem to be actually nice. Part of me wonders if the other shoe will drop, but the other part just tells me to shut up and be glad we're not stuck in some damn bear suit* or working for a crazy drugged up restaraunt manager**.

* Officially the worst job I've ever had. Oh yes. I was the Root Bear. It was hot, it was smelly, and it was the most boring job I've ever had. Well, it was boring until I got molested by some fratboy-types. Then I got angry and was counting the time until I was done. All in all, it was time that I'll never get back. Completely and utterly wasted.

** My worst boss ever. Even worse than "My life is in ruins. Again. Let's watch me cry" manager. I still want to go back to that job, just for a little bit, to tell her what I really think of her, and her management skills. Oh yes.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Interesting Things Happening Lately

1) Had my first wedding shower yesterday. It was amazing and fantastic. Knitter and Prince Charming's mother and other sister-in-law put it all together and I was absolutely blown away. It was a co-ed shower, and had people from Mama Bear's side of the family, my dad's side of the family, Prince Charming's mum's side of the family and lots of friends.

It had an aquatic theme. They put blue fabric on the ceiling and hung little strings of fish from that. There were fish-shaped cakes and cookies. There was tasty punch, two-bite brownies, rice crispy squares, 7-layer dip, and so much more food that I'm not sure I even got to try it all.

The ice breaker was a modified form of Guess Who, where you had to figure out who the name was on your back, and then find your match. Knitter made me Prince Charming, and I had to find Cinderella.

Everyone got divided into groups and decorated a pair of flipflops. We had rhinestones, beach glass, seed beads, charms, shells, and glitter glue to use to make the most "fabulous" flipflops ever.

While that was winding down, there was a fishing game in the jacuzzi tub in the basement. It had fishing poles with magnets for hooks and magnetic fish floating around. If you got the right numbered fish, you got a prize. That game was surprisingly fun for all. Everyone wanted another turn at that one.

There was a trivia quiz that was fun and shockingly tricky. Not everyone knows that it is Prince Charming that owns the most expensive pair of shoes out of the two of us! Ha! Not me!

Then we did the opening presents thing. Prince Charming tells me that by that point in time, everything was a big blur for him. He told me that he thought that it was rude to have someone writing down the list of presents and who gave them. I just looked at him, and told him: a) everyone expects it, b) no one thinks its rude, and c) how else are we supposed to remember anything?

He sighed, nodded, and said he understood, but everything was still feeling strange.

Then we went back to having super large amounts of fun. Sometimes it doesn't pay to think too much. Just smile, laugh and be happy.

2) I started Sewing II. It's a weekly sewing class that I've been doing with Prince Charming's mum, Coffee. We did Sewing I earlier this year. However, this class kindof jumped up on us both, and so we ended up spending today finishing our projects from the last session that we'd almost finished. This is my old project (#4256 in a red twill, view C). My new project looks like this (#5047 in a very nice pale green drape-y polyester). I'm excited about doing both. They should be super nice when I'm done.

3) First batch of invites have been sent. Yay! Progress!!!

There are more. Aiee. Well. Unlike other weddings. When you get your invite does not really mean that you are higher or lower on the desired list. It means that your address was easier or harder to get.

4) Wedding personnel have been mostly decided on. These are ushers, stage managers, pockets, etc. Some have even been asked.

5) Wedding prep has been started and is in the process. It is progress. Very exciting.

6) Editing my template has occurred. I'm beginning to feel like my blog feels like home now. Unfortuntely, two things are not quite what they should be. The first is that I have no idea how comments are not working yet. Or how to get them to work. The second is that I just realized that the word "tonite" is used in my little picture. Now I need a new picture. Maybe if I don't really look at that picture, I will forget and it will stop bothering me. We'll have to see. Unfortunately, leaving out the 'gh' and adding an 'e' in words like tonight and bright is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Who will win? Will the pet peeve win? Or will lazyiness rule the day?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Just finished adding all of the addresses that Prince Charming and I have into our pages of addy labels.


That was quite a bit of typing.

Something New

1. I realized a while ago that unless you are somehow related to me by blood, I haven't seen you in forever. Or really talked to you. I have no idea where Stiletto is, what Ardbeg is up to. I'm guessing that Never Rye and Whistle Twice were probably watching the hockey game tonight.

I actually talked to Samurai a very long while ago. It was so strange, because I had absolutely no idea who he was. I think I worried him. It was the same day that I'd heard that Panda's dad had died, so that might have had something to do with it. Maybe, or maybe not. It wasn't until he told me he'd given my sister the clap* that I realized who he was. Best guess - he's at his girlfriend's house. In all truth though, I have no idea where he is.

2. Finally picked a china pattern. That's right. I now have a china pattern. It was by far the most difficult thing Prince Charming and I have ever worked out together. Reading this, you may think that Prince Charming and I live in some candy-coated cherry blossom land. We do not. We just have supremely different tastes and styles.

Plus Prince Charming doesn't like much when it comes to stuff you buy in a store that doesn't come from Mark's Work Wearhouse, or have to do with camping.

I liked this, and this and this. He didn't.

*Samurai has actually never given any sister of mine the clap or anyone else for that matter. He is, however, very prone to vanishing off of the face of the earth, especially during finals. After getting extremely curious about seeing if he was actually still alive, I called his house and left a long and hysterical message telling him that the wedding was off because I couldn't possibly marry him after he gave my sister the clap.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wedding Shoes!

I am now the proud owner of wedding shoes. This is what they look like, except that mine have an ankle strap, which is what the jewelry drops off of, and are definitely not so tall. They are stunningly pretty and actually comfortable. Yay Beverly Feldman! YAY me! And Yay Teddy for her super fantastic gift!

Teddy had called me out of the blue and told me that she wanted to buy me shoes for my wedding present. Not just any shoes though, she wanted me to have Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's.

I almost cried. She wanted me to have the coolest and best thing in the world for my wedding day. I'm moving soon to a much bigger city, and she wanted me to have very good shoes to wear for when I was there. It is so sweet. She's very fashionable and worries that people will see the scrubbies I wear and think that no one loves me.

We didn't end up going with either of those two brands because I couldn't find anywhere in Edmonton that sold them in person. It's all internet sales here. However, after scouring every shoe store in edmonton, nieman marcus online, and many other designers' websites, I decided on the Feldmans.

I love these shoes. I've shown them to everyone I could. They are now known as the Very Expensive Shoes. As in: " Hey An, have you shown everyone in the free world your Very Expensive Shoes yet?"

Not yet, but I'm working on it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Poplar Fuzz Attack

Today has been my first day home in quite a while. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon.

My allergies have come into force as the poplar fuzz is floating around outside, and looks a bit like snow. Otherwise, it is so beautiful outside it's shocking.

Knitting is going well on my scarf/shawl/afghan thing. I have a sort of a pattern going. The pattern is very simple. Instead of knit one row, purl one, knit one, purl one for all of my scarf, I'm throwing in sections where there is only knitting. It looks pretty good.

The air is very warm here, and so I feel a little ridiculous knitting something so very large.

A Funny Mama Bear Story

Mama Bear is doing well in this weather. She has fibromyalgia, and so right now, she's actually comfortable. All other times of the year she's complaining about how cold it is. Now she's finally happy. And cheerful. If you thought she was cheerful before, she's beyond cheerful now. (Well, except when she's desperately worried about Panda)

I spent some more time at Mama Bear's house this week. When she was getting into the car so we could do some wedding shoe shopping, I heard this strange noise. It sounded something like what a small girl would say when she got an extra large and sparkly birthday present. "Hoo-haah!"

I gave her a look. It was the "yes, crazy?" look.

"It's what marines say."

"Mama Bear, I truly think that if any marine ever made a noise like that, their marine friends would either laugh themselves silly or beat them up for being wussy babies. Just saying. "

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I'm at my mother's house right now, but that will change soon enough. This last week has been very strange. Panda's father passed away (he had cancer) and Teddy is home for the weekend. Wedding stuff still needs doing, but now there is so much more to do. It is getting done, but it is painful. Prince Charming has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and proven that he deserves his name.

I haven't seen Teddy in so long, it has been so nice to just hang out with her. We have grown up enough, and lived long enough, that we can now be together without fighting. It is a very nice change. Mama Bear is in Mama Bear-overdrive. We are all very lucky.

The air smells so sweetly out here. The frogs still chirrup in stereo at night, the breezes are cool, and smell of green growing things. The forest just outside of my mother's house is still my favourite place in the world. Even with everything going on, it is so nice to come home for a bit.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Construction Notice

As you may have noticed, this blog is undergoing some cosmetic reconstruction. While this is occuring, if you want to get ahold of me please feel free to email me at:

serasonho AT gmail DOT com

Things should settle down soon as the template figures itself out. Cheers!

Human Snot Factory Returns

Just so anyone who might read this will know, I am not dead. I am still alive.

I've turned into a human snot-production facility as my allergies decide to kick in. This kicked into high-gear on Friday, as I proceded to drug myself into a near-oblivion with Benadryl. It was the first time that I've had that reaction with Benadryl, but I won't ever use it again.

Prince Charming told me that I was slurring. I could barely keep my eyes open and focused on wedding registry stuff. I've never had such a reaction before with those drugs.

Not as exciting as the new adventures in post-post secondary life as you might have thought. I also learned to knit. Yup. I finished my finals, and promptly learned to knit. I'm liking the knitting. It uses slightly different muscles than crocheting and the basic knit stitch is a much simpler action than my usual crochet stitches. I think I'll probably end up switching back and forth once I get used to knitting.

I am so exciting I shock myself. Later this week I'll perform gravity-defying stunts involving bicycles and toilet paper.

Monday, May 01, 2006

JobHunt '06 begins

So, the job hunt begins in earnest, as the thousands of university students that have either finished school for the summer, or have graduated entirely leave the campus in search of the real world.

It is very exciting. If by exciting you mean frustrating and disappointing. I also miss my car.

In other news, I have graduated. The marks for the class that I was worried about came in. I got a B. Now, you may think that I was indulging in some over-achiever angst. I assure you, this was definitely not the case. This class was definitely one where what I thought the the Prof wanted was actually nothing like what the prof wanted. Ever.

But I don't care anymore. Heee!

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Prince Charming is home. Prince Charming is home. Prince Charming is home. Prince Charming is home. Prince Charming is home.

It's very exciting. In some ways it feels so odd, but in others it is like he never left at all.

When I was getting ready to go pick him up, I could feel my heart begin to slowly beat faster and harder. It was like waking up from winter hibernation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'd Rather Be....

sleeping in the sun
eating something tasty
reading something that wasn't a textbook
painting a picture that was actually good
riding my bike
thinking about something that I wanted to, not had to.
writing more haikus about outer space

but mostly, done with finals.

So Close

I have one final left after today. That means that not only will I be done, but Prince Charming should soon be home. Soon. I keep telling myself soon. Now would be nicer, but this is one of those cases where you get what you get.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. For finals' week.

What this acutally means:

1) Mood fluctuations - this can range from euphoria to irritation to depression and even combinations of all three simultaneously.
2) Sleep deficit mounting*
3) Sugar high/Sugar crash - depending on how much remembering to eat real food has happened and how much snacking on bad things to make up for aforementioned forgetting, this tettertotter can swing gently, or it can swing hard.
4) Caffiene addiction is doing very well. Regular and plentiful doses of coffee being inhaled. Any stomach lining left at this point is purely coincidental.
5) Minimal hygiene standards kept. I am very proud to say that while I may look like I just rolled out of bed, I do not smell that way. So there.

*This actually does not apply to me right now because something happened to my alarm clock this morning. I remember setting it. I remember hearing some loud beeping noises. Then I remember loud and annoying music.

After that I don't remember much except going to write my sociology exam in some strange apartment in a town I've never been in. I walk into the room and my hands are freezing. I start talking to my professor, and he reaches out and takes a hold of my hands because I just can't seem to get warm. Then there are monsters in the room, and they are meditating. They meditate so much that their heads come off of their bodies and start floating up the wall. This, however, does not mean that the monsters are safely dead. No, it just means that they are super-monsters. My professor is king of the monsters because he is the best at it. I'm hoping I can get a rewrite as I run out of the apartment and into the city, trying to escape hungry student-eating monsters.

The next thing after that I wake up and realize that my alarm clock is off, and sitting on the bed with me. Not on my bedside table where it belongs. Mysteries abound.

Monday, April 24, 2006


About the weather here?

Pretty In Pink

Today is a pretty-pretty-pink day.

What that means:

I'm wearing all pink. I have my pink "bride to be" pajama pants and a pink shirt on today. I'm dressed very matchy-matchy. The rest of me looks about what you would expect for a "screw pants" kind of day. My hair is mostly brushed, I think I brushed my teeth, but I'm dead certain that I put on deoderant.

See? I'm not completely lazy.

This was almost the first day I wore sweatpants to school. I say almost, and am still a little bitter. For this, like most things, blame can be placed firmly in my mother's corner.

She dropped by this morning for coffee and taxes. It was a nice visit. We got to talk for a bit and catch up while I signed my tax-thingie for the accountant. And just so you all know, yes, I do realize that once I start having to do my own taxes, I'll be screwed. She let me know what's going on out in the bush, and I tried to keep her from frantically cleaning my house. I keep telling her that during finals and/or paper season, University regulations forbid cleaning your house. This also can include doing your hair and showering, but I generally don't go that far.

She never believes me. She keeps saying stuff about me rotting to death or getting lost forever in laundry piles and how finals seem to start earlier and earlier every year.

Oh well. We also talked about my blog. Yay! I'm famous*. I gave my sister Teddy the link last week (for the fifty-millionth time) when she was bored at work to give her something to do. Now family news includes "An is funny. Who knew?" Teddy told this to Mum, and Mum is going to look at it now. Although changes may have to be made. Mum got all excited about this new and exciting bit of news and said "Panda even figured out that she's Panda. What do you call me? Mama Bear?" I looked at her, and not thinking, replied "Oh, you're just Mum." Oops.

So, Mum, I hearby dub thee Mama Bear. Long may you reign. Etcetera, etcetera, blah blah blah. Enjoy.

Then we both had to get going. I ran around frantically trying to find something I wanted to wear today to school before Mama Bear welshed on the ride to the U that I weaseled out of her. Mama Bear kept throwing nice jeans at me. I wanted big fluffy sweatpants. Mama Bear invented the No Ugly Sweatpants In My Car Rule. We compromised on my cute pink pj pants. Of course, this was after much begging, pleading, and sobbing that this was the last week of my life where I could realistically wear pajamas out of the house.**

*To my mom. Does that even count?
**I'll be a grown-up after this week, and then I have to be you know, wear clothes that make me look like a grown-up, and not the overgrown slob that I find so difficult to outgrow.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, I Thought It Was Cute

After posting about my cute new skirt, I decided that I needed to show it off. I decided that Knitter would have to make that unfortunate sacrifice.

I knocked on her door, and ran in to show her before I descended into my cave.

Gamer, her husband, was also there.

"Look at my new skirt! Isn't it cute?" says me.

"Have you had that skirt for a long time?" says Gamer. The look on his face is cautious but also somewhat confused.

Knitter nods, and says hello back to me.

"Umm, no. I got it a little while ago though. It hasn't really been nice enough yet to wear it. Isn't it fun?"

"I see. Did you buy it like that? Did it cost extra?" The look on his face is steadily growing more suspicious.

"Yes I bought it like that, but it didn't cost extra. I thought it was fun." I explain.

"Yes, Gamer. That's the style now." Knitter defends me and my fashion choice! Yay! Well, actually she's just informing Gamer of current trends, but I'll take what I can get.

Gamer gives his final nod. "Well, that is a nice skirt." The look on his face says somewhat otherwise. In fact, it looks alot like:

Dear Addressee,
I think that you are crazy, but am too well-brought up to ever say so. Otherwise, I hope that you have a nice rest of your day.

I go downstairs.

Prince Charming will like my skirt. Although I think that he's much better at smiling and nodding.

This was supposed to be the post I wrote to reward myself after my test today. I decided to write it anyway. Also my first attempt at conversation in forever. When did that get to be hard? I need to find my punctuation book again. Aargh. I really did hate reading that book.

It's So Unfortunate When You Start Losing Your Mind

Well. Today I've finally done it. I lost my mind.

I've been studying for this test and it really hadn't been going all that well. It is a very hard class, and it's made harder by the fact that the subject matter is very depressing. I frankly will be unbeliveably happy when this semester will be finally done.

However, back to my story.

So, studying, studying, more studying.

One of the questions on the test is about a campus landmark (a sundial). A landmark I've never heard of or seen before. To say that I'm cranky about having to find this stupid landmark that I've passed by and never seen at least once a week for over 20 months now is a vast understatement. I go look. I'm looking on the ground, I'm looking in trees. I'm not finding it. I start looking at the building. I'm trying to figure out how far this building goes around and where someone would put a freaking sundial. Don't they have to go on the ground, face up? This building (Old Arts/Convocation Hall) is very lovely. On the north side of the building, I find the sundial. Its about halfway up the building on the wall. The writing is rather faint, which causes even more frustration, but as I get closer, I can read it.

I only count the sunny hours. Class of '30.

I smile. The tension that has been following me so far breaks. I move on, and go to the building where my test will finally be. I'm about 1.5 hrs early for the test. I start re-reading notes and thinking about the essay I'll have to write soon.

The tension comes back. I start getting scattered. And hyperventilating.

It's getting back to awful. I get to my classroom today half an hour early. I've been trying to read and trying to read and all I'm really doing is freaking myself out.

It is ten minutes 'til the test starts and I have no idea where anyone is. Someone should at least show up a bit early.

I'm very much freaking out. Did they change where the test was? Did I get the time wrong? Because I totally know when and where the test is. I go to the computer lab next to the class and log in.

My test is tomorrow.

I don't know if I should be drinking more coffee, or stopping drinking it altogether.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Wee Update

"The curse is come upon me," cried
the Lady of Shallott.

Impending doom has struck. Also known as final exam week(s). I have been sleeping and studying. Monday was spent mostly sleeping after the long weekend.

Tuesday I did some spring cleaning and some studying.

Today I showered. I tell you this, gentle readers, because today I look very cute. Its true. I do. It is absolutely amazing what a shower can do. I'm wearing my new skirt. It looks something like this, however, it is a blue denim, has bleach stains scattered across the front, and the pockets are in the right place. With my little mini, I'm wearing a big white tunic-thing that is quite possible the oldest thing I own. And flip-flops. Because today is beautiful and sunny and warm (unlike Sunday, when I decided to dress up in a skirt for Easter Sunday, and then it promptly SNOWED! grr. arrgh.)

I bought my new skirt when I'd come to the realization that I'd forgotten what my legs look like. I was also pretty sure that Prince Charming had also forgotten. Plus, I've always wanted a miniskirt, but they tended to be too short. In the "Is she going through a bad break-up and her ex took scissors to all of her clothes and this is what she had left?" kind of too short. Also known as "If your mother only knew, she lock you in the house." That kind of too short.

Prince Charming will be home in 6 days.

Wedding things are going well, at this exact point in time. This guarantee only lasts for the next five minutes, or until finals end and I start thinking about the future again. Whichever comes soonest.

A Quick List - Or Things I'd Rather Be Doing Right Now
1) Reading something that wasn't assigned to me as homework.
2) Dancing.
3) Eating hot hot hot wings.
4) Painting.
5) Making a very cool anklet that I got the idea for today. It will have to wait. Of course.
6) Watching Seasons 2-Infinity of Firefly.
7) More napping.

A Small Gift

From the Endicott Studio's Free E-card. Celebrating National Poetry Month.

I thought that this was particularly encouraging, what with finals dragging everyone down and all.

This was taken from Neil Gaiman's poem, Instructions.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Being Asked Questions

I remember that when I graduated from high school, the question most asked was "So, what are you going to do next?"

I hated being asked this question. I knew that people only asked because a) they cared and were curious or b) were just killing time, shooting the breeze and didn't really care.

Either way, it meant that I had to have something to answer with. This was a bit of a problem because I wasn't really sure back then. You develop your stock semi-amusing answer, however, and learn to deftly change the topic.

This is also how I also answer the inevitable " Wow, you sure are tall, do you play basketball? No, well you really ought to, I bet the coach would sure love you."

My usual response?

Something self-depricating about a lack of both talent and coordination. It's both true and non-offensive. This is repeated ad nauseum instead of responding more truthfully and completly with: "I'd rather stab pencils in my eyes than play a competitive sport, especially basketball, with highly competitive and agressive athletes, because that whole team-sport thing actually sounds kind of like a mid-level ring of hell. Right in between the one for jerks who park in handicapped parking and the ring for overly biased journalists with no understanding of proper research methods."

Oddly enough, I used to get asked that question ALL THE TIME. Especially by strangers, the more random the stranger, the more likely I get that same damn question. Now my random stranger question still revolves around how tall I am, but with a new twist.

It is now: "Wow, you sure are tall. It must be really hard to find boyfriends tall enough."

My usual response: "Nah, my fiance is about the same height I am. Whoever's tallest just depends on the shoes we wear."

What I will someday say if I ever get annoyed enough: What? Seriously? Aaaargh. I'm leaving. I have better things to worry about than how tall my boyfriend is.

I'm now getting asked the "So, what will you do now with your spanking new degree? Grad school?"

It's understandable. I know. Enquiring minds want to know. My answer?

"Grad school? Dear God in heaven, please no. Not more school. Not for a while. Maybe a job. I hear you get money when you do them. That sounds very fun."

I've been working on this degree for six years. That isn't to say I've always been in school, but it has been my overarcing goal for that long. That is a long time. That's a full quarter of my life. I won't say never for more school, because the world has a way of throwing forever in your face, but I will say not right now.

I'm also getting married this summer, and then moving two timezones away. To a very large city where none of my friends live. I'll know a few people there, but mostly it will be people I've only very recently met, and no family of mine.

That is a lot of change. So to do all that and start school again (even if I wanted too) would be too much. Plus the whole money thing. It sounds intruiging.

My plans aren't really any more concrete than that. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, I'll have options. On the other, I'll have no (well, little) direction. We'll see how I do in this world with the B.A.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Something A Bit Lighter

1) Today marks my first week of flipflops. NO MORE SHOES!!!!! YAY!!!!! This means that summer is here to stay.

2) Bunny Report - The bunny is looking well and fat. I saw him as I was leaving today, and he matches much better now that all of his white is gone, and the snow has melted.

3) The Scholar-Poet is currently ignoring me. Oh, no, he's just emailing his girlfriend. I guess I won't be all mad at. He is the only person who I've ever written a limerick for. That makes him famous. Well. Famous to me.

4) Prince Charming will be home in exactly two weeks. Not only will we be in the SAME PROVINCE, but we will be done our separations. Together. It feels a bit strange. It even sounds strange.

"When the Lord took back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream."

That's how I'm feeling.

Well, plus the fact that I'm also tired right now and totally not looking forward to finals. I, however, think that it all contributes.

The End of an Era

Last night it suddenly hit me.

I had the last class of my undergraduate degree today. This thing that I've been working on for so long, has almost ended.

This has been the most difficult thing I've ever done, and it's Finished. It's Over.

These words keep echoing in my brain. It feels so strange as they roll around and reverberate like church bells tolling.

Last night I was remembering all of the things that have happened since I started this degree. It was a lot, and very heavy.

1) Moved out.
2) Moved back.
3) Moved back and forth so many times that I've actually forgotten how many moves I've made.
4) Did my "wild experimental" stage. I use quotes here because as wild goes, I was pretty unexciting.
5) Did the therapy thing.
6) Watched my brother die. Cried a lot. Things get fuzzy.
7) Ended the therapy thing.
8) Got kicked out of school.
9) Quit my (very well-paid and most excellent) job.
10) Found a new and crappy job.
11) Got fired from said new and crappy job.
12) Was Officially Unemployed.
13) Found new and even crappier job, one that will never ever be put on my resume.
14) Regained some self-esteem, and quit that job.
15) Was unemployed again. Found new job.
16) Found a better job.
17) Went back to school.
18) Met this guy, who seemed to be pretty cool. We talk lots.
19) Left that school as soon as I could, for a different school.
20) Remembered how to breathe again.
21) Started on finishing my degree. Went back to school full-time.
22) Pretty Cool Guy turns into Prince Charming.
23) Life with Prince Charming is pretty wonderful.
24) Discover that life without Prince Charming is both terrible and boring.
25) Get engaged.
26) Live in the never-ending maze of wedding-madness and homework.

This is definitely an end. The best part? There's a new beginning coming. When I'm not too busy hyperventilating (really not all that good about change), I'm really excited about what will be coming next.

Monday, April 10, 2006

More Busyness?

So, all of a sudden, I'm getting all these new readers. Yay! Hi! Come on in. Take your shoes off, and help yourself to whatever is in the fridge.

Now I'm feeling all this pressure to keep coming up with new and interesting things to say. Unfortunately all you get is me.

A Clarification:

Earlier I talked about doing something to my hair that I'd never done voluntarily before. It had been done a few times before to magnificent effect on Halloween. I really wish that I have pictures to show, because you'd be impressed. Stiletto is a queen of the comb and hairspray.

I'm talking about backcombing. I avoided it for years. The last time it was cool, I deliberately avoided that trend like the macarena (which I'm still proud to say that I can't do). I had long hair, I had short hair, but I never had big teased hair.

Mum thinks it is hilarious that I've started occasionally added pouf to my hair. When I was little, my sister Teddy and I would tease her and complain about the amounts of hairspray and teasing she would do to herself. Pouf was a bad word in our house.

Now she can't seem to stop laughing. I suppose it's only fair. Or something. Stupid karma.

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Week of Busyness

Oddly enough, this week was:

a) busy, and
b) involved actually spending time with real live people.

Real Live People. Not just people like Buffy and the Scoobies. Or Angel.

Crazy huh? Although I did finish of the seventh season of Buffy. And have started on Angel.

What I thought of Season 7 of Buffy.

1) Kennedy is the most annoying character in the world. Seriously. I am a peaceful, non-confrontational person. Kennedy would talk, and I wanted to jump into the TV screen and slap her in the face. If that didn't make her stop, punching in the nose was my Plan B.

2) Some may be aware of my deep and abiding love for Firefly. Also, a tiny crush on Captain Reynolds. In season 7, Nathan Fillion plays the main villian's first henchman. He likes to go around cutting up girls.

My thought process when I first saw Nathan Fillion on the screen:
a) Yay! It's Nathan Fillion. Yay! More Captain-y goodness!
b) What is he doing? Why is he doing that to that poor girl? What is going on? The Captain would never do.... Oh. He did. Why did he just do that?
c) She's practically the same age as Kaylee. That's so terible. How could he do that? Buffy is going to have to hurt him lots now.
d) Zoe is so going to kick his ass all over the place.
e) hmm. Turns out he's pretty tough. Buffy should call Zoe, and also Jane. He could bring Vera and totally help. Space age guns should help against massive evil powers, right?
f) Poor Captain. He went all crazy-like. I need to watch more Firefly in order to restore my faith in the world and Nathan Fillion.

3) Thank you Joss Whedon, you big jerk. Thanks for killing off my two favourite characters. Jerk. Why do you always do that? You do know that the other kids won't want to play with you if you keep on doing that.

4) In the commentaries, JW kept on talking about how tired and exhausted he was.
Season 7? My least favourite of all. I will say no more.

Originally this was going to be part of a much larger post, as I was going to introduce my friend, Whistle Twice, but I'm doing stuff with Stilletto and have to go. She is throwing a party tonight!

Monday, April 03, 2006

A Weekend of Busyness

This weekend was interesting because:

1) It was busy.
2) I experimented with my hair and did something I've never done on my own, of my own free choice before.
3) I saw lots of lovely people.
4) I found out that some people* LIKE MY LISTS! I know, it sounds crazy. It probably is. Panda told me today that she loves my lists. They make her laugh. (fyi, I use lists all the time for correspondence, not just here on my blog) Panda gets alot of my lists as she is also a bridesmaid of mine.
5) I went looking at shoes. Very nice and kindof expensive shoes.

Exciting? Yes.

Did I think that I actually had more things to say? Umm, also yes. Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty scattered right now, so I'll have to make more sense later. Yay for you. Enjoy the anticipation.

*and by people, I really just mean Panda

Friday, March 31, 2006

Utter Excitement

My house has a very large yard, which for the most part, tends to be rather quiet.

So quiet, in fact, that bunnies like to live there.

They've lived there throughout the summer, and through most of the winter. However, I'd stopped seeing them after about November. There was a big fat bunny that especially liked a small nook in a raised flowerbed in the backyard.

Today, to my utter excitement, the bunny was back. He (or she) is beginning to turn brown again and is still happy and fat.

I'll have to remember to leave some carrots out for him. His fatness is probably just his fur fluffed out for warmth.


The night before last I dreamt that I was in a grocery store, and someone was offering me a red chili pepper. I just looked at it and thought how lovely it would be to eat it.

Earlier that night I had eaten two spicier than the Olive Garden's peppercinis. They were delicious. There was a bit of a burn, and the flavour was magnificent. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed eating something so much.

Yesterday I cut up big chunks of raw onion to put on my perogys.

Before that I was adding hot sauce to my rice.

It appears that I'm craving spicy hot things.

Am I going crazy?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Someone Else's Contest

So Tyler f. is having a contest, in hopes of reaching 40,000 visitors on his 40th birthday.

Go look at his website. My favourite post (so far) is the one about hebrew tattoos.

I find this especially funny because Stiletto once told me a story about how this guy was showing her his tattoo, which was supposed to say Canada in Chinese. She saw it, and realized that it was incorrect because it was only the first character.

She replied after he tried to argue with her that it was correct, "I spent a year in China, and on every letter I wrote home, I had to write the characters for Canada so that letter would actually get home. You are missing a character."

The Importance of Spring

soft winds have begun,
the snow will soon be melted.
green awakening.

snow! begin to melt,
the green scented winds have come
and soon he'll be here.

A New Week Has Begun

I had all sorts of ideas for my next blog, but of course, by the time that I get to the computer to start typing, I've forgotten.

So I'll start in the middle and work outward. And I'll do it as a list. Because lists are where it's at.

I can't believe I just wrote that. Whenever I read phrases like that, I tend to usually do the following:

1) roll my eyes
2) and wonder
a) where what's at?
b) who really talks like that? and
c) why usually whoever says that seems to be selling something.
3) decide that the only possible recourse is to ignore that phrase and move on.

On to the main list.

My Main List

Things Learned Over The Weekend

1) Cleaning is dull. Deadly dull. Which is why I do it as little as possible. But the inevitability of no clean underwear eventually does hit, and I used my time alone to begin to rectify this. (Knitter and Gamer are gone for a visit to the coast, and so my access to the laundry is unlimited and guilt about leaving crap in common areas is nonexistant. Yay!)

2) Waking up to Hakuna Matata is disorienting. Even after 5 days. Knitter left her alarm clock on, and so I'm waking up to disney music. Which is not bad, just extremly odd. First thing in the morning, I get to wake up to music, and it is familliar enough that I'll recognize it, but it is not familliar enough that recognition is easy. When you're still sleeping, so it forces me to become awake enough that I can figure out how I know what's playing.

3) The Sugarbowl has amazing coffee. It's just fabulous. And mindboggling at just how good it is. It's not just myself that thinks so, I went with another coffee-snob friend, Rides on Elephants (who will henceforth be known simply as Elephant, due to the long and unwieldy nature of the long form of her name) and she agrees. We will return.

4) New favorite place to go out for a drink. The Strathern (sp?) at first glance looked a little... like a dive. As the night wore on, I realized two things:
a) Cheap beer gets better after a while.
b) The Strat (Strath?) is extremely low on the pretentious asshole scale. People came, people drank their beer, and left. Elephant said that the place reminded her of the small bars she would go to when she was in australia, and it sort of reminded me of small-town bars (of which I've been to 3) There was a jukebox, but it was quiet enough that I had no trouble talking to Elephant.
c) It's nice to have a quiet place to go out for a night. The people there were all after the same thing, more or less. It was a very relaxing night.

Plans for the Future

1) Run a contest. More details to follow.
2) Update links.
3) Become a philosopher. I was reading Xenocide by Orson Scott Card (a very good book in a very good series) in the tub, and I realized that there is so much I don't know about how and why and when, and wish that I did.
4) Find an apartment in Toronto that:
a) doesn't cost the earth
b) isn't in a super scary part of town
It would be nice if it was close to the U of T.
5) Finish my sewing project.
6) Finish cleaning.
7) More studying. gah.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last Night, Watching the News

the weather girl on the news,
is explaining to me how the wind blows
and all i can think is,
"you and i are so far apart,
the wind that touches you will never touch me."

Wow, or Public Service Announcement II

Everyone needs to go out and listen to Holly McNarland's version of Phil Collins' In the Air tonight.


She takes a mediocre song and gives it teeth.

I also have to thank Stiletto for letting me listen to her walkman so I could hear this song.

Thanks Stiletto! Not only do you always wear sexy shoes (even perhaps when you shouldn't because of inclement weather), but you also are an clever and marvelous pirate.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Happy!

Finished my last midterm, and it went well, I think.

There was one question that I wasn't quite sure what the prof was asking for, but I guessed and either I did well on the question, or I bombed it. However, that is the past. And I kicked ass on the other questions. Which means that fortunately, a whole bunch of the questions were on the readings. I'm much better at reading books than sitting in class, listening to lists of programs, names and dates.

This style of class has led me to realize yet again that I'm definitely a visual learner. Or something. Just listening to lectures is almost painful. It hurts. It is also freakishly boring. The subject matter could be wildly fascinating, but style of presentation really does count. I am a diagram kind of girl. Pictures make me happy. I like to think that that is how I get to write super-fun papers on graphic novels.

I will admit, I adore Powerpoint presentations, especially when the notes get posted before class. The psych department is pretty good about allowing and facilitating webnotes on their website; whereas the sociology department is rather... terrible. I'm sure that it has something to do with their budget and its ever-present cuts, but I will admit that: a) I'm spoiled and b) I like it that way.

A Note On Something Completely Different:

I've found a new lab which I like. There is some sort of a statistics/economics lab going on right now, and the TA is hilarious. My favourite is when he gets all sarcastic when talking to his students, and then calls out "SILENCE!" Fortunately he doesn't care about visitors coming in, as long as you're quiet. Which I am, because really, who am I going to talk to in an economics lab?

I had to stop going to the business lab, as fun as those computers were, with their double screens and fast connections. I totally blame business students for never shutting up. I know that they do a lot of group work, but I kept ending up near the same hyper-annoying girls. Who kept talking. About their friends. Behind their backs. It was like being in jr. high again. Save me from those trendy bitches. They were more than I could take.

No really, I'm being serious. I can only handle so much yoga-wear and perfect hair.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Teeny-tiny Update

Umm, so my coffee, which I previously said was full of sugary sweetness that made up for the funky bitterness?

Currently, not so much. In fact, not at all. The sweetness barely covers the bitterness, and amplifies the horribleness, and now that it is cold, the approval rating sank like your battleship.

Rays of Sunshine

Even though I have one midterm left (rated: very hard), and I have my sewing class tonight, and still have much wedding planning left to do, several things have come up that are very cheering.

1) I ran into a professor from last semester that still has a paper of mine. Through a long comedy of errors, I still hadn't gotten back my final paper. We got to chatting, and he told me that my papers were some of the most interesting that he'd gotten from the class. YAY! He also said that they were really interesting, and were pretty good. DOUBLE YAY!

The best part of this is that it was a 400-level class and I had basically no background in the theories of that subject. TRIPLE YAY!

2) I wrote a midterm today and I think it went well. This is good because in this class, I tend to get bored. The prof is really interesting, but it's a 200-level (which is still introductory level instruction on the subject) and I've also taken 300-levels on the subjects that we touch on in class.

3) The coffee I'm drinking right now is really rank, but there is a crazy amount of sugar and real cream in it, so it is elevated to not bad, with a super fun caffiene buzz.

4) Someone left a comment. I know that I shouldn't be so affected by such small things, but it is my second comment, and the first from someone I don't see on a semi-regular basis. I'm pretty psyched.

5) Buffy + Spike. What will happen next with those two? All this growing tension and chemistry is beginning to get to me.

Don't tell me, I'm still watching the sixth season. After these tests, I'm totally finishing the season off and getting into season seven. I'm totally serious. DO NOT TELL ME. I do remember that something really bad happens; and I remember huge controversy but I'm not quite sure what.

Both Stiletto and Prince Charming think I've been whatching too much Buffy lately. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps. Or maybe they're just jealous. In my defence, I need something to do besides plan wedding things and worry about where we're going to live after we're married.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Darkest Magic

Last year some time before my birthday, Prince Charming picked up on the fact that I am mad for dark chocolate.

The darker, the better.

I love the rich full bittersweet taste of a rich dark chocolate. Not for me the mild and mellow of the medium chocolate. White chocolate has its place, as a garnish, or as an accent.

This knowledge spread to Santa, and so in my stocking there were quite a few pieces of dark chocolate hidden in there.

Among them was a bar of Botticelli's Double Dark. I've never heard of this brand before, but that does not mean anything right at this moment. Hovever, I've just finished eating it. It was wonderful. Beautiful. Luscious. It was not bitter at all, but simply the right amount of rich with a hint of sweetness. Whoever AlpineConfections Inc. is, from Delta British Columbia, they have an excellent product.

I totally give this amazing chocolate bar my endorsement. Whatever that is worth.