Monday, October 30, 2006

More On The Knitting Disaster. And Other News.

So after knitting myself into a peaceful stupor on (by? with?) the Italian baby blanket and a very nice nap, I'm ready to face the disaster.

A giant ripping will ensue. Soon. I was actually thinking that it would have been very fun to have a Halloween post involving me filming the ripping of the AfkaS to scary music. Unfortunately, I would have needed Charming to film it and since he won't even stay in the room while I'm ripping, getting him to film it for me seems... a little optimistic.

I do have a knitting reference book, Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting. I quite like it, however, it does assume you know the basics. Somethings are easy to find (like different ways to cast on) and some things are difficult to find, like how exactly is a yarnover is supposed to be done (Thanks Knitty!) . However, this book looks really good. The knitter's handy book of sweater patterns sounds good and useful. I think I might want to make myself a sweater because a) it's cold. b) I'm cold. and c) I'm always wearing a sweater or a cardigan. Why not make one for my own self? Then it would be long enough in the waist and arms, skinny enough in the arms and deep enough in the bust.

Anyway, back to the fixing. I know my proportions (picked up stitches/row) was way too high. The heady feeling of almost being done was my downfall.

In other news, only 2.5 more balls of green left on the babyblanket, and then the border, and then I'm done. I've also noticed that I've gotten faster knitting so progress is going so well on something!

ps. Did Stephanie really post in all of her Yarn Harlotty goodness on my Blog? While that would be indescribably cool, but rather unknowable due to my statcounter not even registering any of the commentators so I can't even tell where they were from, grr. Although if that hit was from anywhere in Ontario at all, I would definitely be deciding that it was in fact, a hit from her own self. (On another note, is that as cool as meeting Nathan Fillion? And getting a picture? And seeing him do very good improv?)

pps. Ohh! There's a handy book of patterns too. Fun! And Baby Alpaca for sale!!!!!!

ppps. For those who might be interested, I got the job. Now I get to work my buns off getting everything ready for when the maternity leave actually starts. I'm looking forward to it. Also looking forward to less depressing paycheques. Yay!


SarahJanet said...

Wooo! on the job! That's awesome. What does that mean for when you're coming back for Christmas? And also, I think that WAS the Yarn Harlot posting on your blog, so there you go. Adjacent glory!

(I had to make my mother show me how to pick up stitches. I didn't get it. But that knitty page IS really good - very clear directions.)

"hollywood" said...

who's maternity leave???? Did I miss something? And what's this about never being in a bridal store again??? You do realise Dre, if I ever get married (and he doesn't let me elope....), you're going dress shopping for a bridesmaid gown, right??? :P