Friday, October 27, 2006



At this exact minute, I feel like I've just sidled up to a group of people that I kind of know and am faced with the mind-numbing task of breaking into conversation.

Except I have no idea what the other part of the conversation is about, or what pace it's at or anything. Apparently I'm speaking into a void right now which would make sense, since I'm actually posting on my blog.

I'll start with knitting, because I have knitting news.

Knitting (and Crocheting... This section should actually be called Yarn.)

I bought birch double pointed knitting needles. I am in love. I love the wood in my hands, I love the smooth warmth of the needles. I love the simplicity of them. Unfortuntately there is no picture, but they are dpns. Dpns all look the same.

Love. Love. Love.

I crocheted my first flower (that I really like). I've been playing with making flowers (both knitting and crocheted, but crocheting is faster and quite a bit easier for me. My flower is a faux poppy; as today, when I was gadding about, I saw that people had started to wear their poppies. I do wear my poppy all month, but I'm forever losing mine and then end up wearing a poppy i found on the floor. So this year, I'm making my own. If I see a stand selling them, I'll still try to drop some change, but I'm not going to bother attempting to wear them. I'll try to take a picture of the poppy and post it later, but I'll have to do it when Charming is a bit less busy with schoolwork. I've never downloaded pictures before.

On the Job Front.

Nothing new to report. I do have a meeting on Tuesday, and hopefully it will be good news. However, as long as it is definite, I'll be happy. I hate limbo.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

My worst test anxiety in school tended to be after I'd written the test, and before marks got back.

Married Life

I like married. I like it alot.

It feels really good. I love having Charming around, and just that we're able to spend time and be together. I love that I come home to someone who loves me. I love that there is someone at home to take care of, and who also takes care of me.

I also really love that wedding planning is over and done with and I never ever have to see another bridal anything store ever. EVER.

Living in the Really Big City

I've gotten used to living in the RBC, and finally feel like Alice in Wonderland after she figured out which bit of mushroom to eat to get large, and which bottle to drink from to get small again. The world did finally stop spinning. Which is always nice, because I do get motionsick from that sort of thing.

I can leave the apartment building (usually) without my map, and can find my way around certain areas all on my own quite well. I'm pretty proud of myself. It took time and work to get this way.

I'm at the point where I don't mind it here, and do like some things about the city.

I'm still ok with moving home when the time comes though. That will be nice.

Conclusion (or I'm off, just going to say bye for now)

I'm done for now. That's my news. I"m going to go watch Babylon 5 with Charming.

Oh, and I'm getting a hair cut. The person who is doing it said something about 3 from Battlestar Galactica. I'm intruiged and ready for a change.

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Ha Kohen said...

Check out the show "Carnivalle". It is right up your ally! -Brad