Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No Motivation, So Much Work

That just sums up where I am right now. I have a ton of things to do, both interesting and completley horrible, yet I really don't want to do any of it.

Spring has sprung, and being inside, in the big old building of work is not really as appealing as it could be.

I'm finally getting over Daylight Saving Time Anger because the sun is now rising when I'm leaving for work. To have the sun being up when I'm going to work in the morning and then to have it go away was... crushing. Now that it's back, going to work in the morning is not quite so horrible as it once was.

I am not a morning person, and to be up when the freaking sun isn't even up yet makes me cranky.

In other, better news, I can knit again.

Yay! I've dropped my project, my pink mitten things, and had to rearrange things a bit. I'm not too crushed becasue stockinette is now evil, and the colors were seriously beginning to pool. I will probably have to do a big old chunk of ripping anyway now, and put in some sort of change so that the pooling gets fixed and I don't have to spend the rest of my life knitting the exact same stitch over and over and over again. Which makes it that much harder to not get sore wrists.

My new Plan

1) Knit in seed stitch, avoid the stockinette. Long strings of the same stitch = hurting non-fun.
2) TAKE BREAKS. Do serpent arms and serpent fingers to loosen up.
3) Use laceweight yarn and 2.75 mm needles. all in all my current project weighs 50 grams. This includes the ball of yarn, needles and knitted fabric.
4) If things super hurt, take a break and try some tiger balm. It stinks, but it really does make things feel better.

This is good because lace is good for spring, super cheap per project, very travel-friendly (as long as your pattern is not too complex) and did I mention cheap? And tends to be very very impressive to the non-knitter's gaze.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am around...

So, work has been really busy lately, and on top of that I have bad news.

My forearms hurt. In an achy bad sort of way. I'm pretty scared that I'll have tendonitis or carpal tunnle and that will mean no more knitting.

I'm taking a week off of knitting, and trying (ha! ha! ha!) to take it easy with the typing at work. I keep thinking about lace, and how it is really light and filled with different things and moves, so maybe it is just the stockinette that is bad for me. Bad repetitive stockinette.

Maybe I can crochet? I like crochet. Maybe that will work, and I can do loads of superfun crochet.

In better news, Charming and I are planning our honeymoon in Hawaii. It is shaping up to be freaking great.