Monday, March 12, 2007

I am around...

So, work has been really busy lately, and on top of that I have bad news.

My forearms hurt. In an achy bad sort of way. I'm pretty scared that I'll have tendonitis or carpal tunnle and that will mean no more knitting.

I'm taking a week off of knitting, and trying (ha! ha! ha!) to take it easy with the typing at work. I keep thinking about lace, and how it is really light and filled with different things and moves, so maybe it is just the stockinette that is bad for me. Bad repetitive stockinette.

Maybe I can crochet? I like crochet. Maybe that will work, and I can do loads of superfun crochet.

In better news, Charming and I are planning our honeymoon in Hawaii. It is shaping up to be freaking great.

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Jen said...

My wrists aren't too bad since I stopped typing fulltime. But I'm about to go back to that, in a different office, so we'll see. We can be sympathy (read: misery) buddies or something.

In the meantime, I think you should be listening to Regina Spektor. I finally got around to checking out her music and it is amazing. Really amazing.

As an aside: I'm planning a head shave fundraiser for cancer research for June 2. A band is going to play.... a bunch of us will shave.... now all we need is a venue.

Aside #2: I'm finally getting those red Doc Martens I've been coveting secretly since I was 16. Yes. Red Docs. Boots. And I can even wear them to my new office job.

Now I am going to pretend to get some sleep because I have to be up sodding early tomorrow to take forms downtown to said new office job.