Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rank Heresy

I'm at work.

It's very quiet right now, and while I do have a big bunch of stuff to do, I really don't want to do any of it. I want to have a nap. This is not at all surprising. What is surprising is...

I wore a skirt today, and have mostly bare legs. I'm wearing my leather boots, but still, that doesn't equal pants. I have the window open right now. It feels so wrong to be wearing skirts in November. It feels like heresy most rank.

I'm wearing a skirt, and I didn't freeze on my trip to work this morning.

Another surprising thing, I was in the best mood walking to work and for the first few hours. I was all chipper and cheerful watching the extremely fat squirrels running around Philosopher's Walk as I was coming to work.

Now... I feel like all I want is a nap. Or maybe some nice mindless knitting.

ps. I started a new scarf after I cast off my italian babyblanket. It is pretty fun. Its just stockingette with a knit2tog, yarnover border. The interesting part is that I'm probably using needles about 2 full sizes too small, and it's making the fabric really dense, and causing this odd rolling. It looks like a partially rolled scroll. I'm using Bernat Chunkee Bulky (?) in Carnivale.

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Anonymous said...

The rolling isn't because of the needle size, it's because of the stockinette. Stockinette always rolls unless you have a more substantial border on it. (Like garter stitch or seed stitch.) Therein lies the trouble of stockinette.