Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Knitting

I've started my planning for Christmas Knitting.

I'm not sure if I will:

a) crash and burn or
b) totally kick ass with the knitted gifts and win everyone's admiration and acclaim.

It involves a lot of scarves. I'm actually happy about this because a scarf is a good way to try to try something new without a lot of investment. Like cables. Or lace. Or two colour knitting.

My List of Scarves to Make... so far

1. A's scarf - it is a stockinette with a k2tog yo border. It is the scrolling curler of epic proportions. I started it last monday.
2. S's scarf - something with a racing stripe in manly yarn.
3. Polar Bear's scarf - cables? in a dark blue
4. Grizzly Bear's scarf - more cables? something? who knows?
5. G's scarf - white garterstitch lace of some sort


Anonymous said...

I kind of think you're insane, to be brutally honest. (Always good to set low expectations, right?) And I say this as someone who is attempting to knit eight pairs of socks for Christmas. But I started my eight pairs of socks? In July. I'm not kidding. Can you finish a scarf in less than a week? Because you have four weeks tomorrow.

Scarves are tricky, because you think they're fast, but they're actually really long, and quite time consuming.

Just a warning from someone who gets insane ideas about Christmas knitting. (See eight pairs of socks, plus two sweaters and a lace scarf.) I'll be impressed if you do make it, though!


Ha Kohen said...

When are you back?