Friday, December 08, 2006

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Work News
Work is slowing down. And by slowing down, I actually mean that I think I might be a little less stressed.

Today there aren't any bosses in the office. YAY!

Today is the work Christmas party. Everyone gets to donate money for World Vision goats, and then bring a White Elephant present instead of buying presents for people.

In theory it works a little bit better than in actuality, as not everyone who works here and is coming to the Christmas party has a house. A House Full of Stuff.

While Charming and I do have an apartment, we were actually pretty good about what we packed and brought so we are high on the essentials, but low on random stuff we never use.

Knitting News
The first three scarves are done.

The stockinette faux-clapotis for A is done, and wickedly curly. I'm not sure how well it will work, because it is made of acrylic, and I don't think you can block acrylic. However, it turned out to be this really long decorative scarf, so it should be ok.

The racing stripes for S is done, and looks not bad. Still a little curly, despite its border, but nowehere near as bad as A's scarf, and the colors are very nice. The stripes are not lying flat because I was knitting tightly as usual, and it wasn't until I relaxed about half way through the scarf and realized that drinking wine + knitting means that two-color knitting can lay flat. So then I had to tighten it up to finish it. Because then it means that it looks like you meant it to do that. Which I did once I saw how it turned out. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

The lacy scarf for G is done, and was ridiculously easy and fast. The final pattern turned out to be a variation of feather and fan. The variation was that it was one repeat, in a garterstitch, not stockinette. Because I was so sick of curly scarves. SO SICK. I should post this pattern for anyone who might want to try lace, but thinks it is scary. The scarf is really pretty too. I think I might have to make one like it for myself, but maybe in a bright red or something fun. The yarn is a bit scratchier than the others, because that yarn was originally planned to be something for me, and I couldn't make up my mind, and I ended up ripping it a bunch. It will definitely get washed in conditioner. I still can't really believe that it was so much fun seeing the lace row come out after you knitted it. It's not exactly like the row ever changed, but damn, it was so fun seeing the holes show themselves.

The cabled scarf is coming along nicely, and I've discovered that CABLING IS FUN!!! and also easy. It does need a rowcounter though, but I've developed a rhythm, so its getting a little better. Fortunately, I'm using a very dark yarn, so any artistic licsences are not as noticeable as they could be. Cabling is also very good for when you are stressed. I think it's the twisty-ness that makes it so satisfying. I now really want the Cables Untangled book. I was in a bookstore last night and flipped through it, and it looks pretty good, plus she has a TON of cable patterns in the back.

I will admit a very strong weakness for stitch patterns. Not so much for patterns themselves, but definitely for stitch patterns.

All my scarves are knitted in Lamb's Pride Bulky, except for A's acrylic which is Patons Chunky Softee (in Carnival).

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