Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time at Work

This is from a few days ago. Apparently the emailing posts to blogger does not quite work from gmail. Ick.

So today, I had the utterly unenviable job of sorting invoices again. Also happening again today was someone "forgetting" that they had a foot and a half stack of invoices on their desk. It was fantastic.

I had more interesting things to say.

Oh yes. On Saturday I went to my uncle Teacher Bear's retirement party. It was a little strange (but really cool too) because some of my favourite teachers from high school were there too. I got to talk to my old english teacher (who is still my favourite english teacher). It was pretty cool. Hanging around the firepit, almost but not quite setting yourself on fire, interacting with people I still respect on a more even level. I wish I'd given him my blog. I think he would like reading it. He seemed encouraged that I had managed to avoid the "I need to look perfectly teased and make-upped to have worth as a person" trap. We chatted about that and the pressure on girls to be pretty dolls. I like to think I have better things to do than look perfect, but I will admit that I have my days too.

Ever onward and upward, and I'll get there someday.

On excessively girly and frivolous news, my toes are missing a jewel again. After going back and getting the ones I lost in the first week replaced, and having the girl seal them into the pedicure, I am now missing a little jewel. I'm not very impressed. I'll need to either resign myself to losing jewels and toe-sparkles being ephemeral or I'll need to try out other pedicurists.

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