Friday, June 30, 2006

Laa Dee Dah

So, lunch at work.



This job gives me lots of time to think, but I feel a bit odd posting here.

1. Why does the bathroom smell so much? It is a girls washroom. I've never been in a bathroom so consistently awful.

2. Why is the coffee so consistently awful? I'm serious. It's terrible. Black as death, burnt to a crisp. I finally found a way to make it drinkable, and that is to mix one package of hot chocolate, fill the cup half full of water, and then add coffee and stir.

I went with Ardberg to go and see the Omen 666.

It was interesting. Definitely interesting.

I learned many things.

1) Dogs are evil. You especially know that they are evil because of the evil drool.

2) Mia Farrow is the only scary person in the movie. She's actually scary. And the most believable person in the movie. Sorry glowery kid. Sorry Julia Stiles.

3) Apparently astrology and astronomy are the same thing. No difference at all. Same with crosses and crucifixes are also the same.

4) The altar is not the table-y thing at the front. Its just that bit of the carpet in the chancel steps.

Lunch ends, back to the salt mines.

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