Friday, April 07, 2006

A Week of Busyness

Oddly enough, this week was:

a) busy, and
b) involved actually spending time with real live people.

Real Live People. Not just people like Buffy and the Scoobies. Or Angel.

Crazy huh? Although I did finish of the seventh season of Buffy. And have started on Angel.

What I thought of Season 7 of Buffy.

1) Kennedy is the most annoying character in the world. Seriously. I am a peaceful, non-confrontational person. Kennedy would talk, and I wanted to jump into the TV screen and slap her in the face. If that didn't make her stop, punching in the nose was my Plan B.

2) Some may be aware of my deep and abiding love for Firefly. Also, a tiny crush on Captain Reynolds. In season 7, Nathan Fillion plays the main villian's first henchman. He likes to go around cutting up girls.

My thought process when I first saw Nathan Fillion on the screen:
a) Yay! It's Nathan Fillion. Yay! More Captain-y goodness!
b) What is he doing? Why is he doing that to that poor girl? What is going on? The Captain would never do.... Oh. He did. Why did he just do that?
c) She's practically the same age as Kaylee. That's so terible. How could he do that? Buffy is going to have to hurt him lots now.
d) Zoe is so going to kick his ass all over the place.
e) hmm. Turns out he's pretty tough. Buffy should call Zoe, and also Jane. He could bring Vera and totally help. Space age guns should help against massive evil powers, right?
f) Poor Captain. He went all crazy-like. I need to watch more Firefly in order to restore my faith in the world and Nathan Fillion.

3) Thank you Joss Whedon, you big jerk. Thanks for killing off my two favourite characters. Jerk. Why do you always do that? You do know that the other kids won't want to play with you if you keep on doing that.

4) In the commentaries, JW kept on talking about how tired and exhausted he was.
Season 7? My least favourite of all. I will say no more.

Originally this was going to be part of a much larger post, as I was going to introduce my friend, Whistle Twice, but I'm doing stuff with Stilletto and have to go. She is throwing a party tonight!

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