Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's So Unfortunate When You Start Losing Your Mind

Well. Today I've finally done it. I lost my mind.

I've been studying for this test and it really hadn't been going all that well. It is a very hard class, and it's made harder by the fact that the subject matter is very depressing. I frankly will be unbeliveably happy when this semester will be finally done.

However, back to my story.

So, studying, studying, more studying.

One of the questions on the test is about a campus landmark (a sundial). A landmark I've never heard of or seen before. To say that I'm cranky about having to find this stupid landmark that I've passed by and never seen at least once a week for over 20 months now is a vast understatement. I go look. I'm looking on the ground, I'm looking in trees. I'm not finding it. I start looking at the building. I'm trying to figure out how far this building goes around and where someone would put a freaking sundial. Don't they have to go on the ground, face up? This building (Old Arts/Convocation Hall) is very lovely. On the north side of the building, I find the sundial. Its about halfway up the building on the wall. The writing is rather faint, which causes even more frustration, but as I get closer, I can read it.

I only count the sunny hours. Class of '30.

I smile. The tension that has been following me so far breaks. I move on, and go to the building where my test will finally be. I'm about 1.5 hrs early for the test. I start re-reading notes and thinking about the essay I'll have to write soon.

The tension comes back. I start getting scattered. And hyperventilating.

It's getting back to awful. I get to my classroom today half an hour early. I've been trying to read and trying to read and all I'm really doing is freaking myself out.

It is ten minutes 'til the test starts and I have no idea where anyone is. Someone should at least show up a bit early.

I'm very much freaking out. Did they change where the test was? Did I get the time wrong? Because I totally know when and where the test is. I go to the computer lab next to the class and log in.

My test is tomorrow.

I don't know if I should be drinking more coffee, or stopping drinking it altogether.

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