Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Something A Bit Lighter

1) Today marks my first week of flipflops. NO MORE SHOES!!!!! YAY!!!!! This means that summer is here to stay.

2) Bunny Report - The bunny is looking well and fat. I saw him as I was leaving today, and he matches much better now that all of his white is gone, and the snow has melted.

3) The Scholar-Poet is currently ignoring me. Oh, no, he's just emailing his girlfriend. I guess I won't be all mad at. He is the only person who I've ever written a limerick for. That makes him famous. Well. Famous to me.

4) Prince Charming will be home in exactly two weeks. Not only will we be in the SAME PROVINCE, but we will be done our separations. Together. It feels a bit strange. It even sounds strange.

"When the Lord took back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream."

That's how I'm feeling.

Well, plus the fact that I'm also tired right now and totally not looking forward to finals. I, however, think that it all contributes.

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