Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, I Thought It Was Cute

After posting about my cute new skirt, I decided that I needed to show it off. I decided that Knitter would have to make that unfortunate sacrifice.

I knocked on her door, and ran in to show her before I descended into my cave.

Gamer, her husband, was also there.

"Look at my new skirt! Isn't it cute?" says me.

"Have you had that skirt for a long time?" says Gamer. The look on his face is cautious but also somewhat confused.

Knitter nods, and says hello back to me.

"Umm, no. I got it a little while ago though. It hasn't really been nice enough yet to wear it. Isn't it fun?"

"I see. Did you buy it like that? Did it cost extra?" The look on his face is steadily growing more suspicious.

"Yes I bought it like that, but it didn't cost extra. I thought it was fun." I explain.

"Yes, Gamer. That's the style now." Knitter defends me and my fashion choice! Yay! Well, actually she's just informing Gamer of current trends, but I'll take what I can get.

Gamer gives his final nod. "Well, that is a nice skirt." The look on his face says somewhat otherwise. In fact, it looks alot like:

Dear Addressee,
I think that you are crazy, but am too well-brought up to ever say so. Otherwise, I hope that you have a nice rest of your day.

I go downstairs.

Prince Charming will like my skirt. Although I think that he's much better at smiling and nodding.

This was supposed to be the post I wrote to reward myself after my test today. I decided to write it anyway. Also my first attempt at conversation in forever. When did that get to be hard? I need to find my punctuation book again. Aargh. I really did hate reading that book.

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Jen said...

I stopped asking when they were all more okay with my shaved head than my dreadlocks.

We should have a miniskirt night on the town one of these days. Go somewhere classy. (i.e. not the Strat!) And bring Prince Charming. I'd like to meet him.

I tried my miniskirt on tonight, the one I thought wouldn't fit. My body shape has changed so that the skort bit that keeps it from sharing my underwear choice with the world is what keeps it up and on. Highly amusing stuff. Really it is.

but let's not make plans until after exams......