Monday, April 10, 2006

More Busyness?

So, all of a sudden, I'm getting all these new readers. Yay! Hi! Come on in. Take your shoes off, and help yourself to whatever is in the fridge.

Now I'm feeling all this pressure to keep coming up with new and interesting things to say. Unfortunately all you get is me.

A Clarification:

Earlier I talked about doing something to my hair that I'd never done voluntarily before. It had been done a few times before to magnificent effect on Halloween. I really wish that I have pictures to show, because you'd be impressed. Stiletto is a queen of the comb and hairspray.

I'm talking about backcombing. I avoided it for years. The last time it was cool, I deliberately avoided that trend like the macarena (which I'm still proud to say that I can't do). I had long hair, I had short hair, but I never had big teased hair.

Mum thinks it is hilarious that I've started occasionally added pouf to my hair. When I was little, my sister Teddy and I would tease her and complain about the amounts of hairspray and teasing she would do to herself. Pouf was a bad word in our house.

Now she can't seem to stop laughing. I suppose it's only fair. Or something. Stupid karma.

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