Monday, April 03, 2006

A Weekend of Busyness

This weekend was interesting because:

1) It was busy.
2) I experimented with my hair and did something I've never done on my own, of my own free choice before.
3) I saw lots of lovely people.
4) I found out that some people* LIKE MY LISTS! I know, it sounds crazy. It probably is. Panda told me today that she loves my lists. They make her laugh. (fyi, I use lists all the time for correspondence, not just here on my blog) Panda gets alot of my lists as she is also a bridesmaid of mine.
5) I went looking at shoes. Very nice and kindof expensive shoes.

Exciting? Yes.

Did I think that I actually had more things to say? Umm, also yes. Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty scattered right now, so I'll have to make more sense later. Yay for you. Enjoy the anticipation.

*and by people, I really just mean Panda

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