Monday, March 20, 2006

Rays of Sunshine

Even though I have one midterm left (rated: very hard), and I have my sewing class tonight, and still have much wedding planning left to do, several things have come up that are very cheering.

1) I ran into a professor from last semester that still has a paper of mine. Through a long comedy of errors, I still hadn't gotten back my final paper. We got to chatting, and he told me that my papers were some of the most interesting that he'd gotten from the class. YAY! He also said that they were really interesting, and were pretty good. DOUBLE YAY!

The best part of this is that it was a 400-level class and I had basically no background in the theories of that subject. TRIPLE YAY!

2) I wrote a midterm today and I think it went well. This is good because in this class, I tend to get bored. The prof is really interesting, but it's a 200-level (which is still introductory level instruction on the subject) and I've also taken 300-levels on the subjects that we touch on in class.

3) The coffee I'm drinking right now is really rank, but there is a crazy amount of sugar and real cream in it, so it is elevated to not bad, with a super fun caffiene buzz.

4) Someone left a comment. I know that I shouldn't be so affected by such small things, but it is my second comment, and the first from someone I don't see on a semi-regular basis. I'm pretty psyched.

5) Buffy + Spike. What will happen next with those two? All this growing tension and chemistry is beginning to get to me.

Don't tell me, I'm still watching the sixth season. After these tests, I'm totally finishing the season off and getting into season seven. I'm totally serious. DO NOT TELL ME. I do remember that something really bad happens; and I remember huge controversy but I'm not quite sure what.

Both Stiletto and Prince Charming think I've been whatching too much Buffy lately. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps. Or maybe they're just jealous. In my defence, I need something to do besides plan wedding things and worry about where we're going to live after we're married.

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