Monday, May 08, 2006

Human Snot Factory Returns

Just so anyone who might read this will know, I am not dead. I am still alive.

I've turned into a human snot-production facility as my allergies decide to kick in. This kicked into high-gear on Friday, as I proceded to drug myself into a near-oblivion with Benadryl. It was the first time that I've had that reaction with Benadryl, but I won't ever use it again.

Prince Charming told me that I was slurring. I could barely keep my eyes open and focused on wedding registry stuff. I've never had such a reaction before with those drugs.

Not as exciting as the new adventures in post-post secondary life as you might have thought. I also learned to knit. Yup. I finished my finals, and promptly learned to knit. I'm liking the knitting. It uses slightly different muscles than crocheting and the basic knit stitch is a much simpler action than my usual crochet stitches. I think I'll probably end up switching back and forth once I get used to knitting.

I am so exciting I shock myself. Later this week I'll perform gravity-defying stunts involving bicycles and toilet paper.

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