Monday, July 17, 2006


Highlights for this Slackerly Weekend
1) Saw Pirates 2. This was a super good movie. The characters have become more complex and interesting, especially Norrington and Elizabeth. The only downside was that Knitter told me that Keira Knightley's accent in the movie is her actual accent. This means that it won't get better. It won't change. There will be three movies of listening to her dippy accent.
2) Went to the Library and took out a large group of CD's. This means fun music to wake up and listen to, and also start collecting music for the wedding reception. This is only somewhat productive, because I sincerely doubt that Rev. Horton Heat will be dinner music.
3) Spent time with Prince Charming. It's amazing how busy two people can get when they are getting married/working/etc. and end up not having anytime to see each other.
4) Bought a very nice mattress. It is a pocket coil, and should be very nice to sleep on. It will be a definite change, since my mattress is both hard and uncomfortable. Once I'm able to sleep on it, I will definitely let everyone know how it goes.
5) Had breakfast with my dad, Polar Bear. He's gone up north to work, following the 10 in/4 out schedule. He's liking the work and so it was nice to see him. We do breakfast together Saturday mornings.
And now, back to other things...
Today was pretty productive.

I'm actually meaning that. It is quite shocking. After a rather slackerly weekend, it was time to get to work.

Of course this automatically means that tomorrow something horrendous will show up and derail absolutely everything, but one can only hope that this derailment won't be too bad.

Prince Charming and I spent several hours today working on The Master List.

Not only was that time utterly enthralling, but it was also very fun. I will admit to being somewhat relieved because now it means that there is an end in sight. It may be a long way off, but it is in sight.

The wind is blowing and a thunderstorm is here. Except for the fact that my head hurts, I love this weather. The wind never smells as sweet as when it is raining and thundering.

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