Monday, April 14, 2008

Connie Willis

As a review goes, this should be somewhat short.  

I love Connie Willis. She's wonderful, go read her stuff.

Why do I love her?

I've only read two of her novels, To Say Nothing Of The Dog and The Bellwether. They both were wonderful.

TSNOTD is a time-travel story about a young man and the boss from hell. It is a mystery and a who-done-it as well as a what-the-hell-happened? 

The Bellwether is also a mystery of a sort.  

They are both laugh out loud funny. The characters are amazing and real and the stories aren't flashy, but they will be amazing. 

I read both of those books a while ago, which is why there's a distinct lack of detail, but you should still read them.  These books are smart and also entertaining. I still giggle when certain scenes from these novels drift through my consciousness.

Go. Read.

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