Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Re: Spelling Seeks to Swat Sex Claims

Now, I have no idea if Spelling is a dirty pervert or not, but I am completely... I don't even know the word I am right now. Disgusted? Shocked? Resigned to stupidity, or at best, a very large lack of proper education?

First of all, there is a very large confusion here. Apparently it is unknown among certain people that physical force is not necessary for sexual abuse to have occurred. One of the reasons that is so because sexual abuse can come in many forms. Coercion can also take place in other ways besides physical threats. Do I really need to spell these possible scenarios out?

Now, Aaron Spelling is in a wheelchair right? I have no idea why I think that, probably the 4-yr old pushing him over comment. Anyway, as gratuitious as that image is, it is irrelevant.

Being in a wheelchair, or able to be pushed over by a 4-yr old doesn't mean that a person can't inappropriately touch another person, or make inappropriate and uwanted comments. All of which are definitely within the grounds of sexual abuse/harassment. So is being coerced into actions which the victim is unwilling, which also can be done from a wheelchair.

I will admit that I'm not sure of the actual American codes that apply, since you know, I took Canadian Criminal Justice System, not US CJS, and if there is one thing my eternally long years of post secondary have taught me is that only twits cite without A) proper references and B) factchecking.

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