Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Last Day of School, or the day I finally regain my mind

Today, gentle reader, is the last day of school for the Fall 2005 school year at the University of Alberta.

Yes, today is the day where I remember that there actually is an end in sight, and that soon all that there will be left is 9 credits of courses between myself and graduation, whatever that may bring.

Of course, between myself and that exact moment is about four pages of b.s. (yes, you heard me Mr. Literary/Visual Criticism-Fan, a big whole load of someone ate too much McDonald's crap er... crap, but I mean it!) Oh, and that one big honking scary test that fortunately I have a nice chunk of time to study for and learn all the things I was too busy trying to keep up to actually understand. Well, unless I totally screw that one up.

Perhaps you are wondering about my track record for studying during exam week, especially after Prince Charming just got home after 4 months of being 2 timezones away?

Well, it might not be the best, but with a little faith, hope, a very detailed schedule, I may not do so badly. Here's hoping.

And might you be wondering also where exactly I am at this moment due to my latest technical trials?

Well, I am at the nicest lab in the university that I've found so far. Which is as far of a discription as I'm giving anyone because it happens to be both a) quiet, b) not too busy and c) posessing of both windows and a nice view. Keeping it that way might mean that other's cant enjoy it, but that is a sacrifice I'm ok with making in order to keep the gomers out.

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