Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wedding Madness

So before I become horribly swamped in details and overwhelmed with the minutia that I think is coming, I am going to be horribly proud of myself in regards to wedding planning.

So far Prince Charming and I have:

1) Booked the church and hall
2) Mostly booked a caterer (just waiting for a taste test which is already booked, and probably mostly a formality)
3) Figured out tuxes (final fittings tomorrow)
4) Bought one wedding dress
5) Booked the photographer
6) Decided on favours
7) Bought invitations (Yay Michael's!)
This is pretty far in advance, so that is pretty exciting for me.

In about five minutes, I'll realize what else needs doing, start crying, give myself a massive migraine and collapse.

Prince Charming won't know what hit him.

Actually, he will, and hopefully he:

1) Won't take it personally (probable)
2) Won't let it get to him (unsure, he also gets stressed about the wedding, but usually we freak out at different times so it tends to not be a disaster)
3) Will realize that it will end (definitely probable, when I freak out about something, he is generally pretty good about staying calm, putting me to bed and/or feeding me, and weathering the storm )

On to the next thing....

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