Monday, January 22, 2007


1) Felting.

Did not happen. I started to do it by hand, and after approximately 15 seconds with no noticeable change, I gave up.

I will be throwing it into the washer tonight, with the rest of the laundry that I didn't do over the weekend.

2) More knitting.

I stopped using the Bernat Harmony because either I got a bad ball, or they changed how it was made last year sometime. I found the receipt, and am going back to Zellers to return it due to extreme suckiness.

I'm still using stash yarn to knit my shawl though, but now I'm using some Lion Brand Homespun (light blue/white blendy colour) that I couldn't return. It was going to be an afghan crocheted for Charming, but then I realized something. Charming doesn't wear sweaters. Charming would happily wear shorts until the snow fell. Charming used to have two sheets on his bed. One white and one blue. The blue one was his "blanket".

So - Charming has no use for a cozy warm blanket. He'd just get uncomfortably hot.

I've ripped my mitten again, and am redoing the decreases. I think I've got it the way I like it, but who knows. One day I'll finish this project and move on to mitten number two. And then matching hat number one.

3) Haircut.

Is effing fantastic. I still have longish hair, and it's all jagged at the ends and the back, and I have these superfun asymmetrical longish bangs that kindof hang in my face in a very sexy way.

Oh yes, I have sexy fun hair. I also have much easier to blowdry hair, because putting in layers meant taking out a lot of weight. There was a huge pile of hair on the floor after the razoring was done.

I do like my hair. Oh so much.

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Serena said...

Dre, send me a pic of the hair cut!! Haven't spoken to you in a while- which email account do you use so I can drop you a line?