Friday, January 19, 2007


Friday is the best.

It is the quietest day of the week. There are no students (I work in a school). There are no professors. There is hardly any staff. The accountant doesn't come in. The staff that are here are usually in meetings all day.

And tomorrow is Saturday.

Saturday is usually a stay home and sleep and laundry and snooze and knit or whatever day.

Tomorrow will be slightly different, because I am getting a haircut, and possibly some color as well.

Wheeee! I'm ready for a change. I'm so bored with my hair right now. It seems like every time I grow my hair out, there is this stage where it becomes every long haircut I've ever gotten.

Well every long haircut except for when I was really little and my mum cut the never ending bangs of ginormousness. You know the ones I mean. We all got them.

The person doing this magic cut is a friend of Charming's and mine. In a previous life, he used to own a salon and now he does other things.

Words Used to Discuss Haircut
more layers
lots of razor
beige dye
long bangs

In other news, I'm almost done my first item to be felted. I've done the knitting, I just need to do the sewing together. I couldn't quite stay awake long enough to finish that part. I've been desparately wishing to try felting. I keep seeing felt everywhere and it taunts me.

I used the last of the wool scarf yarn from the Christmas scarves. It's all Lamb's Pride Bulky. Which is nice, but sheds when I knit it. And makes me wheeze a little bit.

But anyway, now I've done it. Almost. There WILL be pictures.

Well, maybe. I have no idea how it will turn out. AT ALL. I cast on for that project when I had a migraine. I worked on that project while I was still recovering from the migraine. I finished the project as I was coming off the last effects of the migraine and realized I never did a swatch. At all. I've also never felted before. Ever.

This should be interesting. I'm going to try and sew it together tonight and felt it too. There is only a little bit of sewing up to do before the big washie washie.

I seem to be taking a bit of a break from the mittens. I think it's because I have to rip them again. I don't like the decreases that I've done and so now I must redo them. Again. And then do the thumb.

I've started another new project as well. I've discovered that knitting anything that even remotely requires thought does not work on the subway or at work. So - I'm knitting a shawl. And it is out of my stash. I have two balls of Bernat Harmony in black that I bought that was going to be a Christmas scarf, and when the yarn is done, the scarf is done.

Unless it looks stupid or too short, and then we'll see.

So far, the shawl pattern is just cast on three, knit first row. Next row - knit one, yarn over, knit until you have just one stitch on source needle, yarnover, knit last stitch. Repeat until you almost run out of yarn, then cast off loosely.

I'm being good. Stash-knitting and all.

Except I'm going to have to switch needles. I'm currently using my one bamboo circular by Clover, and the acrylic sticks too much. I'm going to have to use my knitpicks circ in the same size.

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