Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back at Home...

To my great surprise, Toronto has started to feel like home. Coming back to our apartment definitely felt like home. It was a nice surprise.

Going back to work?

Arrgh, but not as badly arrgh as I was expecting. I think that I'm almost caught up and almost done with the beginning of year stuff.


I fell asleep just before nine last night, and woke up at 10 am feeling pretty chipper. Which is odd, because today I have a very long list of things to do.

1) do laundry
2) clean the living room
3) clean the bathroom
4) maybe finish unpacking the last suitcase
5) sort clothes, giving away all the clothes that don't fit and I don't wear so that I can put all my new clothes (NEW CLOTHES!!!!!! YAY!!!! NEW CLOTHES!!!!) in the closet nicely.
5) play with my new knitting needles

The most interesting is, of course, playing with my new knitting needles. While I was home, I got new yarn. Some of it is for me, some of it is presents. However, I get more new mittens, and a new hat. To knit those things, I needed new needles. So - I am now the proud owner of a set of Clover 2.00 mm dpns, and a set of Clover 5.0 mm dpns. This should be fun, and definitely be an incentive to learn how to download pictures onto the internet from our camera.

I'm going to go and finish the last episode of season two of Buffy now and play with my 2.00 mms. Then I'll start cleaning. Yup. Then I'll start cleaning.

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