Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to School

I've had my first day of school today.

Its always very exciting to have a first day of school. The first day is alot like New Year's Day. You have all of your good intentions leading you straight into the hell of finals week stress. Here is a list of things I've tried to do in previous semesters. I have now learned that one should take a bit of time with things like resolutions and such, and should not be rash when making them.

Good Intentions I Have Had:

1) Do all readings, and not only will I do them, but I will do them before classes
2) Read chapters three times, to make sure you understand them, like those gradschool TA's tell you to, so you too can suceed.
3) Also read something off the recommended list, no, I will read several somethings off the recommended list.
4) Start your big projects in two weeks, so you can have them done before you usually start them, the day before the day before they are due.
5) Get up early every day, so you can have breakfast before your classes.
6) Go to all classes, no matter how boring.
7) Not be late to any classes, no matter how boring.
8) Go to gym and be healthy. Eat good food and not Kraft Dinner for the thirty-third meal in a row.
9) Walk to school, not just jumping on the bus. After all, I'll be getting up early enough that I can, and it will help with being healthy.
10) Go back to the pre-requisite courses and study up on the stuff I didn't quite catch the first time (but totally fluked my way through) for the class I'm taking now and actually do need to know.
11) Go to the extra-curricular speakers that occasionally come to the school to give interesting talks on subjects that are both interesting and unknown to me.

I would just like to say that I don't think that I have ever been able to keep all or any of those resolutions. Part of me feels a bit depressed and low-self-esteem-y at that, but another part of myself just reminds me that perhaps this next semester will not only be my last, but my best.

That is the good part about the first day of something new, there is a break point. You can say to yourself that no matter how it was before, now you are onto something new. As you say that to yourself, you know that it is true. You just have to keep on going, and working, and perhaps, if you work your hardest, and never give up, you might get somewhere near where you wanted to go.

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