Monday, January 23, 2006

A New Look, and more

Along with homework and learning to sew, I have become obsessed with changing my blog. I desperately want a snazzier looking blog, and I went looking for templates.

As a result I now find myself attempting to teach myself html here so I can make something myself. Because you know, it can't be that difficult if millions of people everywhere make up templates and stuff. This will be interesting. I've taught myself how to change colours, now I just have to... find out a format that I'll like for more than a week. Ack. I think I know what I want, I want a fabulous picture in the background, something minimalist probably, and I definitely want to change the font. I've been thinking about themes, perhaps fish, or maybe a space-based pattern. There are some absolutely fabulous pictures from Hubble and the different missions that have been going on.

With other news, I went to go do my part in the electoral process earlier today. I now have the right to bitch however I want about the federal government for the next four years.

Yay Me!

If you live in Canada, GO VOTE NOW, you have approximately 4.25 hours left to vote.

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