Friday, January 20, 2006

Fun With Friends

This week has been a good week for spending time with friends. I spent Wednesday night with my friend and ex-roommate Palm Tree, and spent most of today with my other friend Stiletto.

Palm Tree is fun. I never know what we will end up doing or who will join us. She just moved back into the duplex where we lived together, and spending the night felt so odd, because while I had lived there for quite a while, the duplex looks a lot different now. The furniture is different and the basement, which was our super-girly hangout, has been transformed to the mecca of all things sports. The decorating scheme is focused around the projection tv and basketball jerseys.

It was so good to see her. She is the only roommate that I've ever had that I still keep in contact with. I totally blame her excess of patience.

I have known my other friend Stiletto, for eight years (how did that happen?) We sat next to each other in the back of our AP (Advanced Placement) English class and bonded over the teacher's dislike of the both of us and our love of poetry. Now she is my fashion coordinator and school buddy. She keeps me looking sharp. She is still disgusted about how she came back after being in China for a year and found that my wardrobe had regressed to shades of navy blue, olive and grey boring.

Tomorrow I'm going to go and hang out with Glen Fiddich, another really good friend of mine, and finish watching Firefly with him. It is my new obsession. I cannot explain how upset and bitter I am that there are only 14 episodes. I never got to watch it when it came out (I tend to not watch tv for a variety of reasons, most of which involve a lack of cable and evening shifts or courses) and I'm so sad about that. I'm even more sad that there isnt more.

This may not be the most interesting post, it's basically just a list of what I've been up to (which actually does include school work, shockingly enough, AND going to the gym, absolutely frightening!) however, I feel good. I feel really good right now, and I hope to stick with this.

It might be that this semester is going to be easier school-wise, it could be my new exercise regime, and it could also be that this is the last semester that Prince Charming and I will be apart. It could also be a bit of all of it. I just hope that it doesn't go away any time soon.

Stiletto is getting anxious. I'm borrowing her computer, and I think we have to go have fun now.

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